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Superman, Zombies And Cars

I attended the Chicago Auto Show last week and saw some amazing cars. Unexpectedly, there were some incredibly nerdy cars there that, had they left the keys unguarded, I’d have stolen and started a life of crime.

The first car that made me absolutely swoon was a Kia. Yup. Not exactly the kind of car that you’d think would make a girl swoon, but this wasn’t just any Kia. It was the Superman Kia Optima Hybrid and it was unveiled with all the drama it deserved.

I actually made a guy hunt all over their booth for a set of keys so I could get a look inside just before the show ended. It was that darker blue and red that we’re going to see in Man of Steel and it had his logo on every surface. The most beautiful bit was the rear window.

It had a special sketch of Superman, done by Jim Lee, just for this car. How’s that for custom? In case you’re wondering why Kia and DC did this car, it’s a part of DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” campaign. The next in the series of eight is Wonder Woman, followed by a final car they’ll be debuting at SDCC and then auctioning for charity.

Next up, the Walking Dead Hyundai Elantra Coupe ZE and it’s the car you’ll want during the coming zombie apocalypse. They had it all cordoned off behind a fence with bits of zombie parts sticking out from under the wheels and it was wonderful.

There’s a zombie-catcher in front to push walkers out of the way, huge spikes on each wheel, giant lights, a siren and protective grates over the windows. Inside, the seats are custom upholstered with The Walking Dead logo. You can see it in my Top Five video below.

Now, you might think I was the only one there that appreciated the nerdery of these cars, but there were some other nerds hidden among the die-hard car enthusiasts. I even had a completely unrelated nerd moment at a fancy schmancy dinner put on by Nissan.

As we entered the restaurant I noticed the lights over my head were these cool looking fuzzy things. A random guy next to me commented that he liked them, too and I told him that I thought they looked like pom-poms. His response? “I think they look like Tribbles.”

Nerds. We are everywhere.


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  1. I love it! And my dearly-beloved wants the Wonder Woman Sorrento, too.

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