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Ranking The Avengers Movies, Which Is Best?

After seeing Iron Man 3 this weekend I found myself ranking all the films in my head. Not just the three Iron Man movies, but all of The Avengers movies. I’ve heard talk that you can’t compare them because it’s not fair. You can’t rank films about just one Avenger against a film with all them, or even each other, because they’re all so different. Well, I can and that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

#7 The Hulk

I like the Hulk. He’s cool even when he’s angry, but his movie was my least favorite of the bunch. Why? It didn’t connect. The writing, acting and story were all very good, but I didn’t leave the theater wishing he was real. I didn’t feel any particular attachment to Bruce Banner and pretty much just felt really, really sorry for the guy. I want to love the superhero in question at the end of the movie and the Hulk, well, I only liked him a little.

#6 Thor

You all should appreciate the fact that he’s not at the very top of my list simply because Chris Hemsworth is an adonis. A lesser woman would have caved to the sight of those abs but I have retained my perspective. I actually really did like this movie, mostly for the quips he makes that are completely out of place in the modern world. I loved him at the end of it, but this time the story itself wasn’t as compelling and left me a bit disappointed.

#5 Iron Man 2

Iron Man hit the screen for a second time and he wasn’t as cool as he was the first time around. He needed to stand on more than his playboy good looks and quips because we’d seen that already and it never had a “Wow!” moment. There were lots of “Oh, cool!” moments but they weren’t enough to make this one rank higher on the list.

#4 Iron Man 3

This latest installment definitely got back what was missing in the second movie. I absolutely loved this film. Tony was at the top of his game with great snarky comebacks. His personal demons played off perfectly in those panic attacks and that kid was fantastic. It was fun, full of “Wow!” and tied-in beautifully with the ending of The Avengers.

#3 Captain America

There’s something about a superhero film placed during WWII that you just can’t beat and this one is no exception. I think it’s because the styles of the time can be played up in such a wonderful comic book way that they work so well.  I loved watching his transformation from weedy punching bag to kick-butt hero. And when he returns in the modern world, heart-breaking. Unlike the Hulk, I felt bad for Steve but I’d totally buy that guy a coffee.

#2 Iron Man

The film that introduces my favorite playboy superhero is my favorite of the three. Tony doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing in this one. He builds a suit that he’s not really sure what to do with and fights bad guys he’s not really sure how to fight. And he does it all as if he doesn’t care but he does. You just know he’s got a heart under that arc reactor somewhere. I would not buy him coffee, however. I’d let him pick up the tab.

#1 The Avengers

It’s not on the top of my list because of all the characters, but because the story was great and all those characters actually had their moments. No one character was pushed aside or forgotten. No matter which one is your favorite, there was a scene where they shined. Even my least favorite Hulk got his “Puny God.” line and it was fantastic.

There’s my ranking of The Avengers movies. I’m sure some of you agree and some of you think I’m crazy. I’d love to know what you guys think!


6 Responses to “Ranking The Avengers Movies, Which Is Best?”

  1. SimonGodOfHairdos says:

    I agree with your list 100%!

  2. ChaosMandy says:

    I agree with you too – though I never saw the Hulk movie (any of them)

  3. offsheoges says:

    Made the list in my head before I read yours…perfect ranking 🙂

  4. kbmsch says:

    We're on the exact same page about this! Thor was hunky but the movie was a bit of a dud, and Captain America really just needs a hug at the end of his movie.

    I love your thoughts about Iron Man 1 — "He builds a suit that he's not really sure what to do with and fights bad guys he's not really sure how to fight. And he does it all as if he doesn't care but he does." Hadn't thought about it like that!

  5. Tordan69 says:

    I enjoyed the Hulk punching Thor just that little bit over the "Puny God" comment. 😀 Gotta release the steam, man!

  6. Captain America is probably at the bottom of my list, closely followed by Thor and Hulk. Ironman 2 next, Ironman 3, Ironman 1, Avengers.

    I loved the chemistry in The Avengers, just the way the characters acted around each other was so perfect.

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