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A Look Back At GenCon 2013

GenCon: The Best Four Days in Gaming, was held in Indianapolis, Indiana earlier this month and I was once again on hand for the event. I got in some gaming, saw some epic cosplay and got far less sleep than was prudent, but it was absolutely worth it.

There’s always so much to see and it always feels like I’m going to get to it all, but suddenly four days are gone and it’s over for another year. Still, I get in what I can and there are plenty of moments and games that are standouts.

This year there was some misbehavin’ as Gale Force Nine introduced Firefly: The Game. It was one of the hottest games at the convention and was available in very limited quantities. I grabbed it first thing when I walked in the door on Thursday and it was one of the first games I had a chance to play. So, was it worth the run to the Gale Force Nine booth?


The game is full of Firefly references from the language to the characters to the worlds and scenarios. You’re captaining a ship with the goal of completing missions, some of which are individual and some of which require the help of other players.

Along the way you have to avoid the Reavers, deal with the Alliance, and find a way not to get yourself killed by the petty thugs with whom you do business. It’s a heck of a lot of fun to play for everyone, but Firefly fans are going to think it’s the shiniest thing in the ‘Verse.

There was also some amazing cosplay on display this year. One of my favorites was something I’ve never seen before, the Steampunk Ghostbusters. What made it so cool wasn’t just that it was the Ghostbusters, but that it was the entire cast. Every last character was represented, even a giant Stay Puft marshmallow man.

But, the best part of GenCon is getting to spend four whole days playing games and enjoying fandom with friends new and old. It’s always the people that make the con, and you all made this GenCon one to remember. That, and getting to wear a replica Lannister helmet and practice my best haughty stare on the convention floor. I could totally kick Joffrey’s butt.

See you next year, Indy!

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  1. NakedHobo says:

    It was so great to meet you in the real people world!!

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