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Walking The Red Carpet For The Premiere of Disney’s Planes!

Image: The Walt Disney Company

Last night was the world premiere of Planes in Los Angeles, California and I had the opportunity to walk the red carpet, rub shoulders with some celebrities, and see the movie at the El Capitan Theater.

The whole experience was surreal and very exciting. There was a lot of fangirl squeeing on my part. The red carpet, which in this case was red with a gray strip of carpet making a runway down the middle, was packed with people. It happened that we arrived just as one of the stars of the film, Teri Hatcher, made her arrival. It was crazy to be walking just a few steps away from her as the paparazzi all screamed her name and tried to get the best shot.

We made our way down the line of cameras to the Target Landing Zone where you could play all sorts of Planes themed games and win great prizes. There are a huge number of product tie-ins for the film and Target had a selection on display from stuffed planes and backpacks to shirts and baseball caps. These are the goodies your kids are going to want for back-to-school.

You could win a lot of these cool new products at the #DisneyPlanesPremiere at a series of tents that lined one end of the red carpet like a mini carnival. I tried my hand at a claw machine and came away with a stuffed El Chupacabra. I choose to believe this was my mad claw machine skills and not the possibility they rigged it. Not at all.

There was also a dart board full of balloons that could win you a Dusty glider. I popped three. Again with my mad skills. I also tried my hand at a basketball shoot-off and managed to win that, too! No, I won’t even pretend I have any athletic skill because anyone that knows me knows that was pure luck.

All this happened as regular folks like myself mingled with celebrities. In addition to Teri Hatcher, I saw Jason Priestley and teenage me swooned and passed out. Okay, grown-up me may have swooned, too, but I at least didn’t pass out.

I also got to meet Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank, which seemed particularly meta since it’s also Shark Week. He was very nice and, in a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, not at all the intimidating businessman you see on television.

The casual, carnival-like atmosphere carried right on over to the food. We filled up on tasty treats like drinks from Jamba Juice, churros, pizza and sliders. Once inside the theater we each got a Planes bucket full of popcorn and a drink before we took our seats in the beautiful El Capitan Theater to watch the movie.

How was the movie? Well, I’ll be writing a review in a few days, but in short it was fantastic! El Chupacabra stole the show and I will now be saying “I swish my cape at you.” as my go-to insult for the rest of the summer.

Check out all my pictures from the event over on my Total Fan Girl Facebook page.

Disney provided an all-expense paid trip to attend the premiere for purposes of this coverage. All opinions are my own. I swish my cape at you!


4 Responses to “Walking The Red Carpet For The Premiere of Disney’s Planes!”

  1. Great post! Loved the pics from the event. 🙂

  2. Man I love that picture of Jason Priestley you took!! Oh baby!! It was such a fun night and so much fun to hang out with you!

  3. Link Fairy says:

    You got some great photos!! it was nice meeting you! 🙂

  4. Heidi Gray says:

    Great memories and event for sure!!

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