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My RPG Adventure “Firefly Echoes of War: Freedom Flyer” Is Live!

It’s a funny thing when something you never thought would happen actually happens and then you sit there staring at the thing, dumbfounded, still not believing the thing is actually a thing. But it is. I’m writing this and staring at the adventure I wrote for Firefly Echoes of War and marveling that my little story, Freedom Flyer, is a real thing. It’s got my name on it and Wash on the cover even. Shiny!

Like so many of you, I fell in love with Firefly when it first aired. It was my new favorite show and I was nothing short of heartbroken when it was cancelled. The end, but not so fast. Fans asked, demanded, screamed for more and more we’ve been given.

There was a movie and there are comics and games and now there’s a new RPG that I had the joy of getting to work on over the summer. I wrote an adventure called Freedom Flyer and I am still giddy that I got to play in that universe. I got to not just dip a toe in the wonderful world created by Joss Whedon but I got to take a full-on swim. It was amazing.

All the work happened over the summer when I would otherwise have been outside enjoying the sun. That was not fun. It was wonderful playing in the World of Whedon but it was hard and it was all-consuming and it was one of those things you think, “What the hell am I doing?” and then after you bash your head on the desk a few times get back to it and think, “This is awesome!”

It was awesome. It was shiny. It was shiny like an eclipse you sneak a look at and almost go blind but not quite and then you feel like you did something no one said you could do and you survived and it was amazing. Yes. Just. Like. That.

Now the adventure is live. It’s a real thing with artwork and stuff and I just cannot believe it’s happened. Oh, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a mighty fine story. There are guns. There are big spiders. There’s plenty of misbehavin’ by everyone’s favorite big damn heroes.

I’m incredibly proud and excited and awe-struck to be a part of this project. I got a chance to create characters in the Firefly universe. I got a chance to play in a world that I loved. I got a chance to work with some amazingly talented people at Margaret Weis Productions. Thank you Monica and Rob for guiding me through it all and especially thank you Margaret for asking me to do this in the first place.

You can download Firefly Echoes of War: Freedom Flyer ($4.99) right now at DriveThruRPG. What are you waiting for? The shiniest ship in the ‘Verse and its crew await!


3 Responses to “My RPG Adventure “Firefly Echoes of War: Freedom Flyer” Is Live!”

  1. So awesome! I dare say Wicked Awesome! Can't wait to read/play it. Well done! Now you should run it at Gen Con. I can see you being a fun GM.

  2. neuronphaser says:

    Just skimmed through Thrillin' Heroics and this scenario really grabbed me as the *one* to run first for my — almost all fledgling RPGers! — gaming group.

    Any material that got cut that you might share, or additional tips or tricks? I'm still in the process of reading it, so just curious.

  3. Nicole says:

    Excellent! You're going to have a great time with any of the scenarios you choose, but for mine…hmmm…nothing particularly got cut but in general here's my tip. Don't be too sold on having your players do a certain thing. The more you leave it open and let them think out of the box, the more trouble they'll get into during the game. It'll be a challenge to you as a DM to keep up when they don't do what you expect, but as much as possible, leave them options galore so they get creative in their solutions. Have fun!

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