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“The End” and “The Long Road” by G. Michael Hopf

When the apocalypse happens, will you and your family be ready? That’s the basic premise of this series of novels by G. Michael Hopf. A super-EMP attack has hit North America, Europe and the Far East and everything has predictably gone to hell in a hand-basket. No one is prepared for the attack and the breakdown of society means everyone has to do things they never thought they could if they have any hope of survival.

The main character of the books is Gordon Van Zandt who, after September 11th, decided to serve his country and join the Marines. At the time of the attack he is no longer in the service, but the skills he learned there will serve him and those he loves very well in the coming months.

The story begins with  The End and then continues just six weeks after the initial EMP attack with The Long Road. Those who are interested in post-apocalyptic fiction will really enjoy reading these novels. They’re fast-paced stories that follow a group dealing with constant peril and it will be hard for readers to put down the books and go to bed at night.

The stories will also start you thinking about just how well you would handle surviving an apocalypse. Most people have probably thought about it once or twice, but this will have you thinking about it a bit more, maybe making a few plans just in case.

Although the stories are engaging, they’re not really travelling any new ground. The apocalypse is the apocalypse be it zombies, EMPs, nuclear war, climate change or Sharknado, but how the people get through it is what makes the story worth reading.

The author is a former U.S.Marine who has studied the effects of an EMP attack on the Untied States, so this work of fiction is grounded in some serious research. This lends an element of reality to the stories, an almost brutal harshness, that may be difficult for some readers to swallow. But that’s a good thing.

If the scenario put forth in these novels was to actually happen, the resulting chaos wouldn’t be pretty and Hopf does a fantastic job of showing that to readers. This is not a cutesy young adult book with everything turning out well despite the horrors around everyone. This is an adult work of fiction with dark realities and frightening outcomes.

Both The End and The Long Road are available now for $15.99 with the third installment in the series, Sanctuary, due out in May.

I received these books for review purposes.


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  1. I love reading books like this. I always put myself in the shoes of the main character and try to decide how I would handle the situations.

    Thanks for being on the tour! I'm featuring your review on TLC's Facebook page today.

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