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Geek Girls Need The Internet Like Fish Need Water

One of my favorite geek girls – @riellygeek

You might think, being what one might call a geek girl, that I am surrounded by wonderfully geeky people all day every day. You’d think we hang out enjoying overpriced coffees at the local independent coffee shop while we discuss the latest happenings on S.H.I.E.L.D or how much we cannot wait for Game of Thrones to return. You might think that, but you’d be wrong.

Although there are some wonderful geeks in my life, so very many of them are nowhere near close enough to grab coffee on the spur of the moment. Heck, they’re not even close enough to manage a planned lunch date. Everyone is scattered across the country, and a few of them are even scattered across the globe.

This can be a very cool thing at times because I usually know someone who’s able to enjoy the latest geeky thing no matter where it’s happening so I can live vicariously through their experiences. I’ve got friends aplenty attending pre-screenings of amazing movies, Q&As with my favorite actors, and all sorts of behind-the-scenes excitement. It’s fantastic!

Geek girls in training at #NYCC

But sometimes, every once in awhile, it’d be really nice to just have a super-geeky-nerdy friend right here. Like, here in my living room, to share this box of Girl Scout cookies that I’m going to eat all by myself if no one stops me first.

This is the sad state of affairs for, I’d imagine, lots of geeks. We have a wide circle of friends that are all over the place, but not so many that we bump into every day. Unless you have a day job at a comic shop or some-such, you’re likely surrounded by non-geeks. They’re cool people, but there are things they just don’t get. Like I don’t get the Kardashians.

There is one place where I can always find my fellow geek girls, and that’s the internet. Instead of sharing my Girl Scout cookies, I share tweets and status updates and blog posts and silly memes. The internet lets me stay connected to the people that are too far away to meet, but are still near and dear in my heart. It’s not a time-waster. It’s my office water-cooler.

Now, when’s the next convention so I can have a good geeky chat while enjoying an overpriced coffee at the convention center?

I will be back here next #GenCon because, geeky coffee chalkboard!

3 Responses to “Geek Girls Need The Internet Like Fish Need Water”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I've frequented that place during GenCon, seems to me like the prices were relatively comparable or lower than Starbucks…. and there's more bang for your buck.

  2. Skye says:

    I hear you on this one! Until the formation of our local comics ladies group, I was so often the ambassador for geeky things to people with little knowledge of them. The internet was the only place I could find in-depth discussions about things and participate in them! And even now, the group only meets once a month, so I need something to keep me occupied in between.

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