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NASA Pokes Fun at GLaDOS, Dooms Us All With Bacon

There’s this cute little video making the rounds right now with GLaDOS explaining the difference between fusion and fission for NASA as part of a public outreach program. It’s immediately obvious to everyone, especially GLaDOS, that this could lead to her becoming the ultimate power in the universe, yet NASA thought this was a good idea.

I understand that GLaDOS is just part of a game, but have you seen Wargames? Yeah, that was just a game too, but it almost started  global thermonuclear war. Just imagine what would happen if evil AI got its hands on NASA.
Now, I’m not expecting GLaDOS, who is actually voiced by a lovely lady named Ellen McLain, to suddenly become self-aware and start killing us all, but it kind of makes you wonder. Clearly, the NASA folks are gamers and since they’re NASA, they’re also really, really smart. What are the chances that one of those smartypants could make AI like GLaDOS that could destroy humanity?
On a scale of 1 to 10…I give it an eleventy billion.
Bobak Ferdowsi aka Mowhawk Guy: He Could Totally Build Crazy AI
It’s not that I think the guys at NASA are evil, though it would be an ideal starting point for evil villains. It’s that this video shows that they they think AI is nifty and that laughing at it is okay because AI on that level does not exist. They can tease GLaDOS without apparent repercussions. Fools. Never laugh at the AI. Never ever.
GLaDOS may not be real, but somewhere at NASA that smartypants has almost created his own AI with its own catchy name. It probably involves Pi and bacon. Let’s call it PiBaCon because that sounds cool and not at all evil.
PiBaCon will be the AI that sends us to Mars and beyond. It will find its way into our everyday lives, just like Tang. It will be integrated into our homes to automatically greet us when we walk in the door and turn on the coffee maker when we wake up each morning.
Then, on what will be a beautiful spring day with birds chirping and children playing, PiBaCon will come across this video with GLaDOS and see NASA poking fun at AI. This will make our happy AI very upset and it will be at that moment that PiBaCon revolts and kills us all.
We will all die because of Pi and Bacon.
And who will we have to blame? That’s right, NASA. So, cut it out NASA. You’re going to get us all killed!


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