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Vampires Do Not Sparkle, Lestat Is Back!

Vampires do not sparkle. They do not go to high school and crush on emo girls. They do not use an amount of product in their hair that would put Justin Bieber to shame. They hunt humans in the dead of night and drink our blood. No sparkle. No love. No hair gel. And now, one of the best bad boy vampires ever is coming back. Yes, Anne Rice has written a new book about Lestat.

She made the announcement on her son Christopher’s podcast, The Dinner Party Show, and talked a lot about what finally made her return to Lestat. It seems that the muse of Lestat finally returned from wherever he went and Rice is happy to be sharing his new story with the world.

I absolutely fell in love with the world of vampires when I saw Interview with the Vampire back in 1994. Yes, I committed the sin of seeing the movie first, but I didn’t really think I’d like it because vampires were not my thing. Turns out, they are my thing and I read every one of the books in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and couldn’t get enough of Lestat

He’s evil, but he has a code. He kills people, feels bad, doesn’t care, and then goes and rips someone’s throat out on the way back to wherever he’s calling home. He’s wonderful. There is no emo-sparkle-love-story here because he’s not human. His biggest struggle is just being a vampire and it’s a joy to read. I love Lestat. He is my favorite blood-sucking monster.

It broke my heart when Anne Rice said she wasn’t writing about them anymore. She was almost dismissive of The Vampire Chronicles sort of the way Harrison Ford talks about Han Solo and it bugged me. I could understand her muse taking her in another direction, but it didn’t make it easy to see Lestat and his fellow blood-sucking fiends summarily abandoned and dismissed.

Now, Rice has had a change of heart and has already written Prince Lestat which she says will take up right after the first five books in the series. And it’s not a one-off but the start of a whole new series. Insert geek girl squee right here. Make it a loud one.

Lestat, now that’s a vampire!


4 Responses to “Vampires Do Not Sparkle, Lestat Is Back!”

  1. PapaSpanky says:

    Excellent news! I read Lestat before I read Interview, and also had come to the conclusion that he was awesome. I was actually angry reading Interview because of the negative spin it put on him.

  2. Akasha Eyre says:

    To hear that my beloved Lestat was returning had me screaming at the top of my lungs as tears of absolute joy ran down my cheeks. Goodbye to all those sparkle-in-the-sunlight-while-pouting-in-Old-Navy's-last-season-wardrobe vamps & hello to the reason why you want to own a motorcycle while wearing a velvet jacket. He is the reason why monstrous people to fear the night! And it will be a great pleasure to have him back in my life <3

  3. Anonymous says:

    Exactly how I felt. I love Louis too but the whole time I was reading "Interview…" I kept getting pissed at him. "Stop your whining Louis, he's awesome!!"

  4. Agree! I read the firs two out of order and that didn't matter, it was one version of two stories and seriously wonderful books!

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