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An Ode To The Perfect Food: Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes, Lavender Earl Grey

I know bacon is supposed to be the ultimate food with all its greasy fried pig goodness, but I’m going to admit that it’s not my favorite. I love bacon because, bacon, but my favorite food is cupcakes. I love cupcakes and unabashedly search them out everywhere.

I’m not sure how this started, although something tells me it was the umpteenth batch of cupcakes I had to bake for the umpteenth party when my kids were very little. I swear to God, they celebrate everything in preschool. “Look, a twig! This calls for cupcakes!” or at least that’s how it seemed at the time.

I started playing around making all sorts of crazy designs from cute little owls with Oreo eyes to scary werewolves with marshmallow bodies hidden under the icing. And then the first real cupcake shop opened locally. It was Georgetown Cupcakes on Newbury Street in Boston and I attended the grand opening party. They had champagne. Nice. There were also all the free cupcakes you could eat. Yippee!

Hey Cupcake, John Lemmon, Austin, Texas

And that was that. I started seeking out cupcake shops. I’m willing to admit I have dragged my entire family on Cupcake Quests that take us an hour out of our way, but it was worth it every time. I have even turned my whole family into cupcake snobs with our own guidelines for what makes or breaks a cupcake.

Never refrigerate a cupcake.
A cupcake should not crumble to bits in your hands nor be so firm that there are no crumbs.
Cupcakes need a balanced icing to cake ratio.
A cupcake needs both flavored icing and flavored cake and both should be unique.
Topping are necessary on a cupcake, but only to add to the flavor, not to be the star.

Queen City Cupcakes, Guinness, My Favorite Local Shop, Manchester, NH

I have lost track of how many shops I’ve been to, but let’s just say I’ve been accused of having an addiction. That accusation may also be entirely correct. A few weeks back I dragged a couple of auto journalists completely off our designated route just for cupcakes. It was totally worth getting lost in Kentucky.

This weekend I’ll be in the Phoenix, Arizona area. There will also be driving and yes, I will be dragging another lucky auto journalist on a Cupcake Quest to an as yet undetermined locale. Why? Because there’s nothing that can’t be made better by the addition of a frosted circle of cakey goodness.


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  1. "A cupcake needs both flavored icing and flavored cake and both should be unique." People do NOT seem to understand this with vanilla cupcakes. The cake part itself needs to actually be something, not just a carrier for a bunch of icing on top.

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