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“Star Wars” Spoilers…To Look or Not to Look, That is The Question

Star Wars is the movie that set me on the path to being a geek. It made me fall in love with spaceships and robots and the possibility that there is something happening out there among the stars. It got me reading science fiction. It got me interested in science. It got me interested in space.

This movie was a big deal for a lot of people for a lot of reasons, and I’m no exception.

The first three films came out when I was little and my Dad even pre-screened A New Hope then covered my eyes when Obi-Wan lopped off Ponda Baba’s arm in the cantina. That was deemed too graphic for seven-year-old me and it probably would have freaked me out. Good call, Dad.

There was no internet, no Star Wars fandom yet, and no way we could figure out what was happening in advance. Spoilers? Unless your friends told you who Darth Vader was before you got to the theater, you were probably fine.

No spoilers there.

The next three films came out when I was all grown-up, but before the internet was the thing it is today. The internet was not the beast it is now where every last detail could be posted before the films came out. I only knew exactly what they felt like revealing in advance. It was a wonderful, glorious mystery and, no matter how you felt about the films, you walked into the theater with nary a clue.

No spoilers there.

Today, the internet seems to exist for the sole purpose of spoiling stuff. Movies, books, television shows and just about anything that is being kept secret is probably not going to be kept secret for long. The people involved in these things try, but news gets out.

Sometimes, that news even comes from those people, not in a way that you find out key plot details, but in a way that they hope will get you all kinds of excited. A sneak peek at the Millennium Falcon here. A random alien there. It’s exciting, but it also takes away a little something.

I love Star Wars and am ridiculously excited to see it back on the big screen. That picture with Luke Skywalker  Mark Hamill and Mickey Mouse, priceless. There’s a part of me that wants to read every rumor, look at every set photo, and soak in every last piece of advance news that I see.

And there’s a part of me that wants to close my eyes and run away.

If we know so much of the movie before we see the movie, then the wonder and awe of seeing it for the first time is less. It’s still impressive and awesome and amazing, but knowing what ships or aliens are coming, seeing so many images, that can’t help but take away something.

I don’t want to lose that something. I want to walk into that theater knowing nothing more than I do today. I want it to be just like when I saw Star Wars as a kid and all I knew was that it was a movie about space and spaceships with bad guys and cool heroes.

I’m going to try really hard to avoid the internet buzz and not see as much as possible. Determined, I am, to walk into that theater as excited and curious as seven-year-old me.


2 Responses to ““Star Wars” Spoilers…To Look or Not to Look, That is The Question”

  1. Monty says:

    Very difficult though…I really wanted to see direct references to the original films – TIE Fighters etc – appear, but now that won't happen due to the time frame it's set in…ho hum…

  2. Emelie says:

    Yes. Yes. Aaaaaand more yes.

    I am avidly against spoilers in all forms. I will see the movie trailer and THAT'S IT. Other than that, I do my damndest to not have anything revealed for me. There's something about that authentic "first viewing" that gets taken away when you know too much going in. It takes away from the art of the film and it takes away from the experience of the viewer!

    I'm glad I'm not totally alone here.

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