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Ewoks, Cheese, Paul Bunyan, and The Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect in what I think of as Kryptonite Green.

It’s been a busy summer for this fangirl as I traveled hither and yon, but I’m back at the helm with tales of all my adventures! One such adventure was an incredible road trip in the new Ford Transit Connect where I did the most ridiculous, very nerdtastic stuff.

You may not even have heard of this car because it’s new in the US and it’s very different. They’re billing the Transit Connect as the #unminivan because it’s kind of a minivan, kind of a truck, kind of its own thing. It’s also the vehicle I drove from San Francisco up to Seattle with fellow blogger Kristin Barclay. She’s kind of crazy, so it all worked perfectly.

Our mission, because we chose to accept it, was to take the Ford Transit Connect up the coast and do things off the beaten path. This isn’t a minivan, but an #unminivan, so we were tasked with doing unminvan stuff. Mission accomplished!

What kind of stuff did we do? Well, let’s see. I hugged a redwood tree, met a 5-story tall Paul Bunyan and had a chat, freaked out completely over a bunch of elk, and attended a fair in Oregon to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the annual Pig ‘N Ford race. And I think I met Bo an Luke Duke’s younger cousin.

Look at those redwoods! Now, where my Ewoks at?

Let’s start with the redwoods, which, probably don’t sound exciting, but it was like being on Endor! I kept waiting for Ewoks to show up and try to kidnap us. That did not happen. I was a little sad because if we were kidnapped we’d be rescued and then, more adventure.

I’d never been to Northern California so it was a little surreal seeing trees that were so big I could have driven the car right through them if I’d had a chainsaw and a lot of time to carve a tunnel. What I needed was that paint Wile E. Coyote always uses, but none was to be found.

Also surreal was coming around a corner and finding a giant herd of elk crossing the road, like they do. It was amazing! I live in NH and have always wanted to see moose, but not in all my life has one crossed my path. It is fair to say that I completely freaked out when all these elk went ambling by and that my voice reached an octave I never new possible. It was so cool to see, we pulled a U-turn and went back for a second pass.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

A little while later we came to a place called Trees of Mystery which had a giant Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox out front. Giant. Huge. And the cool part was that his head moved and he could wave and he talked. Sure, it was a guy somewhere channeling his inner folk hero, but to me it was Giant Paul Bunyan talking to me!

Look at all the free cheese!

There was also a stop for cheese, because when there’s free cheese to be had you take advantage of the moment. This was in Tillamook, Oregon at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and it was just as cool as it sounds. There was also this really weird machine that looked like a giant purple octopus which helped make the cheese. I was later told that it actually is called an octopus, which makes me like cheese even more.

Random Nerd in Cheese Factory

Also, this guy was at the cheese factory, proving that nerds like cheese. He was wearing a Chewbacca messenger back so I commented on its coolness and took a picture. This guy was great and I didn’t even ask for his name. Random Nerd in Cheese Factory, thanks for making my day.

There was also a county fair in Tillamook with something called a Pig ‘N Ford race which is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. Guys have these modified Model T’s and they race around the track with a squealing pig in their arms. I am not making this up. They even have sponsors, like Pepsi and Red Robin. We were rooting for Pepsi guy because his car looked coolest and he won!

The General Lee ready for some demolition derby action!

The fair also has a demolition derby with all the weird vehicles you’d expect, including this version of the General Lee. It was the coolest car at the fair, for reasons I should not have to explain. I don’t know where Bo and Luke Duke were but I’m betting they’re not going to be happy when they find out this guy was messing with their ride.

Four days, countless miles, elk, nerds, cheese and cars. It was one heck of an #unminivan adventure.

Ford covered all my expenses for this road trip.


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