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Ew, Gross, Disgusting Cakes Are Perfect For Halloween

One of the joys of Halloween is having wonderful food that has been turned into something that looks absolutely gross. Sometimes it’s cute-gross like throwing plastic spiders on a bunch of donut holes and telling everyone they’re spider eggs. Other times, it’s more the kind of gross that makes you wonder if you’re actually daring enough to take a bite. These cakes fall into the later category.

They’re the work of the amazing Cakes Cove who creates all sorts of wonderfully nerdy themed cakes and treats. Everything from the likes of a giant chocolate Millennium Falcon to a Mass Effect wedding cake and even a Dexter cake have all come from their kitchens.

These cake walk the line between beautiful and gross and are just the kind of deranged thing that you want to eat at Halloween. Who wouldn’t want a slice of buttercream frosted intestines?

Photography:  DQC Photography


One Response to “Ew, Gross, Disgusting Cakes Are Perfect For Halloween”

  1. Emelie says:

    Oh my gosh, so gross, but so amazing!!

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