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Doctor Who Cupcakes – Tastier on the Inside

You guys! If you know me then you know I love cupcakes. One might possibly even say that I’m obsessed with cupcakes and have been known to drive hours out of my way to try a new shop. I also happen to be something of a Whovian. Today my worlds collided in these incredible prints that turn the Doctors into cupcakes.

Etsy seller Susan Oleinik has turned Ten, Eleven and Four as well as the TARDIS, a Dalek, and a Cyberman into cupcakes. I kind of want someone to turn these into real cupcakes, because hanging these prints on my wall is going to make me hungry all the time.

There are two different prints available in either 5×7 ($10) or 8×10 ($15) sizes and she’s got magnets and pillows,too. You could theme a whole room with adorable, cupcakey, Doctor Who goodness!


One Response to “Doctor Who Cupcakes – Tastier on the Inside”

  1. Emelie says:

    Um… this is FANTASTIC.

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