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My Family Has Taken Over My Home With Dungeons and Dragons

The Wakelin Clan playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Right this very minute there is an epic Dungeons and Dragons campaign happening in my home. It has completely taken over our downstairs and involves most of my family. I am not partaking of this campaign, but living vicariously by listening to the comments wafting in from the next room. It. Is. Awesome.

The kids took their first stab at roleplaying games a few years back with short scenarios that lasted just a few hours. My oldest daughter really got into things and even started running her own campaigns with the most adorable, custom made GM screen to keep all her plans secret.

They started with games like Faery’s Tale and Mouse Guard but now they are into the RPG that rules them all – Dungeons and Dragons. It’s not just my kids, but my niece, nephew, husband, and brother-in-law, all battling ogres and orcs and all manner of bad guys.

My husband is the GM for this one and he planned out his first session for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, worried that it would be too long and the kids would be bored. Surprise, surprise, they loved it and had to end it because he hadn’t planned enough material!

Updating Character Sheets

Updating Character Sheets

Now it has become a regular thing with the kids begging to play at every chance. We plan whole weekends around finding time to play and today, after watching the final Hobbit movie, it seemed like the perfect moment.

That was (looks at watch) four hours ago and there is no end in sight. Since it happens to be school vacation this week, so they’ve conned us into making this a sleepover and my husband has planned extra material.

I think there’s a fair chance that the kids are about to experience their first gaming all-nighter.

I’m not really sure who is having more fun with all of this gaming. It might be the kids, cheering and laughing and helping each other along on their adventure. It might be my husband, trying to keep up with the completely unpredictable whims of the kids. It might be my brother-in-law, breaking out his best Medieval warrior accent like a total boss.

Russ Wakelin, Dungeon Master

Russ Wakelin, Dungeon Master

Or it might be me. Happily watching my husband and brother-in-law introduce our kids to the game that they’ve loved since they were kids.

My basement has been overrun by dragons and fairies and warriors and a giggling, laughing family of humans and it’s wonderful!


3 Responses to “My Family Has Taken Over My Home With Dungeons and Dragons”

  1. Monty says:

    A perfect afternoon – Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Parenting, done right! I expect to hear all about this in the next D6G episode.
    I have enjoyed Russ talking about running these sessions.

  3. Paul Beck says:

    Awesome. Here's to a long and happy gaming life. They're in good hands.

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