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Leonard Nimoy and Spock, LLAP


I happen to be on vacation in Walt Disney World this week, but even in this happy place, I found myself teary-eyed when I found out that Leonard Nimoy had died.

One of my earliest nerd memories is of a pair of Star Trek action figures I bought for my Dad when I was very little. This means that it was actually my Mom who bought them, but I picked them because I knew how much my Dad loved Star Trek.

He watched that show all the time and I watched with him as endless reruns aired. It was either Father’s Day or his birthday that I decided to get these action figures. He opened them and reacted as though I had just given him the Holy Grail. It was perfect.

After I was in bed each night, he posed the figures in the living room. They hung from the edge of the coffee table, dangled from the lampshade, and sat on top of the television. I don’t know how many nights he kept this up, but in my memory it was many.

The two action figures I picked were Kirk and Spock, but my favorite was Spock. He had a button you could press on his back and his fingers would split in that Vulcan salute. I practiced a good long time to nail that down myself and now, as a responsible grown-up, my kids can do it, too. They are definitely no strangers to LLAP.

We also watched countless episodes of In Search Of. It scared me just a little, but was also fascinating. I spent hours talking with my Dad about that show and wondering what was real and what was legend.

The Star Trek action figures are long gone and In Search Of hasn’t been on the air in a good many years. My Dad is also gone, and now Leonard Nimoy has left us, too.

I never met Leonard Nimoy. I never even saw him from afar at a convention. Despite that, he was, without knowing it, a part of some of my warmest childhood memories and I will miss him.



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