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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ May Have Just Lost My Kids For Good

My daughters are big Avengers fans. They started out watching the animated series, then moved on to the films. They were thrilled for Agents of SHIELD and love Agent Carter, but something has gone wrong and I fear that they may not want to watch both shows any longer. Somewhere along the way, Agents of SHIELD got very, very dark and my kids have had enough.

They’re still excited for Agent Carter and can’t wait for more episodes, but SHIELD has had them both hiding their eyes under their blankets lately. We have been watching the show as a family while we snuggle in the living room and last night, for the first time, the kids didn’t want to watch.

They were both wary and didn’t want  a dark, moody, depressing show to end their day. I can’t say I blame them.

There have always been dark and scary elements to the series, but this season the light has completely disappeared. Everyone is angry. Everyone is injured. Everyone is frustrated and hurt and questioning their place in the world. This makes for an exceptionally dark television show.

The whole “Hail Hydra” thing makes it hard for things to be light and fluffy, but it doesn’t mean that the show has to be so darn bleak. It’s bugging my kids enough that it’s losing them, and it’s losing me, too. I will keep watching in the hope that things will turn around, but the girls are another story.

We’ve really enjoyed watching this as a family and it makes me sad that they’re no longer enjoying the story. Sure, there are other things we can watch together, but losing this show is particularly sad because it means there will be a gap in their understanding of things.

The crossovers with the movies mean that those stories are richer and more interesting for having watched the show. We can always fill in the missing bits for the girls, but they’ll miss out on that ah-ha moment where they catch a subtle reference on their own.

They haven’t given up entirely, so there’s a chance that they’ll keep going with it, but my gut tells me that they’re about to say they just don’t want to watch it anymore.  That’s sad.

It would be nice if they’d lighten things up just a little and bring back some of the joy and humor that made the show so fun to watch in the first place.


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