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Pictomania Is Our New Family Favorite Board Game

Pictomania by Stronghold Games

This weekend we broke out a game that we’ve never played before, Pictomania, and had a ridiculous amount of fun playing it with the kids. It’s a drawing game, but instead of working in teams its every man for himself and you all have to draw pictures every time.

Each player gets a dry erase board and a pen and then is assigned a random thing to draw from a list of 42 possibilities that are displayed on cards for everyone to see. The goal is to draw your picture as fast as possible, then look at what everyone else drew and guess their drawings before anyone else.
Given that we all have varying levels of artistic talent or, in my case, zero level of artistic talent, it can be hilarious. It’s also trickier than you think to guess other players’ pictures because 42 different possibilities is a lot!

A few of the possible clue cards.
Somehow, I manged to win this game, but not for my drawing skills. I was just really good at guessing everyone else’s drawings first. Not only do you gain points for guessing correctly, you can lose them for guessing wrong.
In case you’re thinking of throwing the game and drawing a terrible picture, that won’t work either. If no one guess your drawing then you lose points. You must do your best to draw something recognizable.
There are various levels of clue cards so you can tailor the game to your group. We found the easy cards were too easy, even for the girls at 11- and 12-years-old, but the cards in the middle of the range were just right. The hardest cards were insane. How the heck do your draw an economist or a bailiff?

Your whiteboard awaits!
The game accommodates 3-6 players and definitely felt like it would be more chaotic fun the more players involved. It’s a great game for the family and the perfect party game to pull out the next time you’ve got a bunch of friends over for game night.
Pictomania by Stronghold Games
3-6 players
25-45 minutes
Ages 9 and up

What I Loved:

  • Fast pace
  • Good for kids and adults
  • Easy to learn
  • Quality materials with great storage in the box


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