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Play ‘Squirrel or Die’ And Hope You Make it Out Alive

Squirrel or Die by Fight in a Box

This weekend we went to PaddyCon. It’s our good friend Craig’s annual board gaming extravaganza. He’s got a zillion games, people bring a zillion more, and his wife makes corned beef and cabbage in keeping with the St. Patrick’s Day theme. Amid all the games, the one I loved was called Squirrel or Die.

Part of what made it so fun was that it was so easy to learn. There are a bunch of tiles that will eventually make up a 5 x 5 tile board. Players take turns placing them face down with only the player that placed the tile knowing what’s on the hidden side.

The goal is to not get a dead squirrel, but instead get a flower or a piece of fruit. There are some tiles that give you extra health and some that give you extra death. Once you get three dead squirrels, you’re out. Last player out, wins the game.

See, really simple, but there is a little strategy. You have to watch and remember where you place your own tiles, but that can backfire if someone takes one you placed and leaves you guessing.

The tiles have cute artwork, in particular the little skull and crossbones squirrels. It’s good for 2-4 players and although it says ages 11 and up, I think kids several years younger will do just fine playing with each other or even with adults. Squirrel or Die by Fight in a Box is available for $24.99.


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