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Review: Cinderella And Why I Loved It

First, I should go on record saying that I am a bit of a Disney fan. Once upon a time, I was a Cast Member at our local Disney Store and I’ve never lost my love of all things Disney. Still, when this movie came out I was nervous.

Cinderella is one of the big classics and people have definite opinions of what the story should be any time that it’s retold. If any key element is missing, then, in that person’s eyes it’s a horrible, terrible, awful failure. How exactly does a movie live up to the varied childhood memories of practically everyone? Is it even possible?

Although this will miss the mark for some, it is a perfect retelling of the tale for many, including me. I was drawn in from the very start and I will admit that I got teary-eyed once or twice.

Helena Bonham-Carter as the Fairy Godmother

The animated Disney version is a musical, and this isn’t, so it takes a few minutes to realize that there will be no singing. It would have been brilliant to see Helena Bonham-Carter sing Bibbidi-Bobiddi-Boo when she worked her magic as the Fairy Godmother, but she was still wonderful.

There were also still little mice that almost talked with chubby Gus still there eating everything in sight. It was a nice nod to the original movie and it was adorable.

Why did I love the movie? I loved it because it didn’t try to be a horrible, gritty, modern retelling that changed everything to make it a modern fairy tale. This is a story about a girl who finds her prince and the movie was still that story.

Her step-mother was evil. Her sisters were unbearable. Her gown was beautiful. It was exactly what I wanted to see in a Cinderella movie.

There are those that hate this story on premise alone. How can any modern woman like a story about a girl who has to be saved by her true love who happens to also be a handsome prince? I don’t see it that way at all.

First, I have no problem with a woman finding her true love and living happily ever after. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to hope that, someday, you’ll fall in love with someone that will sweep you off your feet. True love really is a grand and wonderful thing.

I also don’t see it as the prince saving the girl. The one who really saves the day is the Fairy Godmother. She works the magic to get the pair together and making the impossible happen so, technically, it’s a slightly daft little old lady with a magic wand that saves the girl.

However you look at it, Cinderella is a lovely movie that captures the spirit of the original Disney film with all the beauty and magic you’ll remember from your childhood.


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