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Daredevil or Game of Thrones? An Impossible Choice!

My feed has been chock full of everyone saying how much they love Daredevil. It is amazing. It is fantastic. It is very much not for the kids. This means I have to watch while they’re fast asleep and not likely to be scarred for life by uber-violent hero stuff. Game of Thrones also came back last night and this left me with an impossible choice.

Usually I watch shows in order of spoiler potential. This is a scale by which I judge the chance of having some key plot point spoiled before I have a chance to watch whatever I didn’t watch live. Factored into the spoiler potential rating are things like how much my friends will tweet the daylights out of a show, how much my husband will pester me if I don’t watch it, and the chance that my editor at NerdApproved will have me write up something I haven’t seen yet, spoiling it all.
The problem with Daredevil and Game of Thrones is that both rate highly in their spoiler potential. People have already binge-watched Daredevil and I’m seeing thing about how they filmed this or that fight scene, and I haven’t seen the scene. This is problematic. Last night, I watched the first episode of Daredevil instead of Game of Thrones.
What is happening? I must know!
This morning, there are pictures from Game of Thrones and they are everywhere. I keep seeing Tryion looking rather bedraggled and this is, concerning. I would imagine that if he died then I would have heard the cries of outraged fans echoing through the sky last night, but I heard nothing so I assume he’s okay. But what if he’s not?
I only have so much time to watch a show each night. Heck, I admit to sometimes falling asleep so that it’s actually a several night event to watch one episode. So, it’s Monday, and I will have time to watch one show tonight. One.
Do I watch Game of Thrones, or Daredevil? I don’t know what to do!

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