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My Youngest Daughter Is Planning an All-Night ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ Birthday Party

Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Birthday parties are a big deal when you’re a little kid. They fall slightly behind Christmas in their kid importance, but only slightly. My youngest turned 11 several months ago and has only now decided what she wants for a birthday party. More than anything she wants to play Dungeons and Dragons into the wee hours of the night.

She’s been involved in a game with her sister and two cousins since before Christmas and not a weekend goes by that they don’t ask us if they can all play. My husband is running the campaign so we have to get a lot of schedules coordinated to make it happen. I’m not playing, but it is a riot to listen to them all getting into character and try to find a way out of whatever troubles they encounter.

No matter how many times we let them play, it’s still not often enough or for long enough because they’re having too much fun to stop. All this has led to my daughter’s decision to maker her birthday party a giant game session. Since it’s her birthday, she’s got some extra requirements beyond a regular game night.

Dungeons and Dragons

Her big request is a cake shaped like a dragon because she is all about the theme. Expect to see pictures of this when it happens because I am not a cake person and would have no idea where to start. Instead, I will commission our favorite local bakery, Triolo’s, to make something worthy of the occasion and it will likely be amazing.

She also wants pizza for dinner, no bedtime, and fresh ebleskivers filled with chocolate chips for breakfast. I will manage the cake, pizza, and breakfast while hubby manages the up all night gaming part. Good luck with that, sweetie.

This is the first birthday party that’s not a traditional party, which is a little sad for the mom in me as I realize the kids are doing that whole growing up thing. It’s also exciting to watch my kids become little people with their own passions. That one of their passions is gaming makes me a very happy mom, even if I have to spend a fortune on a dragon cake.


13 Responses to “My Youngest Daughter Is Planning an All-Night ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ Birthday Party”

  1. That sounds great. My little ones are months away from turning three. I can only hope that they are as impassioned about gaming as yours are. And that they get better at Mario Party. They are truly terrible at that game right now.

  2. Nicole says:

    Just you wait. You're going to be showing them how to play a game, and suddenly they're going to be the ones telling you how to play.

  3. That is awesome. I am incredibly jealous. I didn't have a DnD birthday party until I was 15!

  4. Lnd-Crzr says:

    This sounds like PARENTING DONE RIGHT! My son played his first D&D game for his 10th birthday party. Complete w invitations, costumes, scrolls, potions…the works! Be glad to contribute to a like minded adventuring birthday party!

  5. Awesome! Agreed "parenting done right."

    Friend of mine, who did high school in the 80s, when D&D was really ultra-evil, likes to tell a story – "Someone once asked my mon isn't she worried I play D&D every weekend. And she replied no, because she knew _exactly_ where I was every Friday and Saturday night."

  6. Nicole says:

    I cannot wait to go pick out her cake next week and get some themed-stuff going. I'm not entirely sure if she's more excited than me!

  7. Nicole says:

    Nice! Yeah, definitely worse trouble you could get into than slaying imaginary beasts in the basement.

  8. Nicole says:

    I think this could be the first of many for her 🙂

  9. Lars Clausen says:

    Wonderful! I fondly remember gaming sessions where I didn't understand why the others wanted to stop just because the sun rose:)

    How come you do æbleskiver? I didn't know they were known outside of Denmark, and your profile doesn't show any obvious Danish connection.

  10. dracopticon says:

    Absolutely fantastic to hear about your lovely family and daughter plans! This is true parenting according to my standards. Magical birthday vibes to you all!

  11. Lou Anders says:

    That is fantastic. I have recently introduced my son to RPGs. We started with Fate Accelerated.

  12. So. Much. Win.

    My 9yo daughter loves Pathfinder but yeah, it's tricky to find game time when everyone is available but minimizing when her toddler sister is around and trying to eat dice.

    As a cake person I had to check out the bakery's gallery to make sure they look up to the job because I sincerely hope your daughter has the best party EVER. And the bakery looks good. 😀 If you can spring for it (and if they'll do it), ask for a sculpted dragon cake. That'd be epic!

  13. Wonderful. My daughter loves to play too. It really is tough to coordinate everyone's schedules, though. We had many snow days this year that were perfect for marathon D&D games. You need to shut down the city to find time to do these things!

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