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Overdosing On All Things Star Wars

It’s been a big few days for Star Wars fans with the start of Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California yesterday. Unless you’re living under a rock, you have seen the latest trailer and the triumphant return of Han Solo and Chewie to the Millennium Falcon and you probably squealed in delight when they came on screen. But the Star Wars goodness doesn’t end there. Not even close.

There’s also soon going to be an R2-D2 airplane flying through the sky thanks to All Nippon Airways. The entire outside has been painted to look like everyone’s favorite sarcastic little droid and it will start taking on passengers this fall. It’s enough to make you plan a spur of the moment trip to Japan just for the chance to fly on this plane.

New products are also on the horizon, like these cutting boards from ThinkGeek that will let you pretend your in the galley of the Millennium Falcon. I hate to cook and I especially hate chopping up veggies, but with these cutting boards I might make dinner once in awhile.
Then there’s all the action happening at Star Wars Celebration which, sadly, I am not attending because being a grown-up interferes with being a nerd. That’s Emperor Palpatine with his walker and he officially has the best costume at the event. This picture was snapped by JustJennDesigns who is there right this minute soaking in all the Star Wars goodness. 
And here’s the thing – it’s not even over yet! It runs all through the weekend so there’s sure to be more stuff to geek out over between now and Sunday. I’ll be glued to my computer, watching it all and wishing I was there. Chewie, we’re home…..


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