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What if Tyrion Dies on Game of Thrones?

I’ve had the theme music for Game of Thrones stuck in my head for the last two hours. There’s no reason for this, but it’s stuck in my head anyway. I took to twitter to complain, like you do, and immediately had people making fun of me, like people do. In the midst of it all, this little video found its way into my twitter feed.

Heh, heh, now the song is stuck in your head, too!

This is pretty cute and there’s a fair chance I’ll hear it in my head when the show returns to the air. Tyrion is my favorite character and I love this little tribute, but it got me thinking about his fate. What am I going to do if he dies?

I like the show, but my heart belongs to Tyrion and it’s when he takes to the screen that I can’t look away because he’s clever and witty and Peter Dinklage is a joy to watch. Every time there’s a new episode I think, “More Tyrion!” not “More Game of Thrones!” so what am I going to do if George R.R. Martin kills him off?

I mean, the man kills off everyone. Young, old, beloved, hated, Martin kills them without prejudice. He has said that Tyrion is his favorite, too, but I do not trust the man. Crafty bugger, he could be planning the ultimate betrayal right now!

Let’s just hope that he really does love Tyrion so much that he wouldn’t think of killing the guy. People were shocked at the red wedding, but if he kills Tyrion, fans like me will go nuts

Please, for the love of God, let Tyrion make it through alive.


2 Responses to “What if Tyrion Dies on Game of Thrones?”

  1. Dean says:

    I think at this point it's pretty obvious that the main protagonists are:

    Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion, and Arya. They're all still going through their character arcs. It's only if they're close to finishing their arcs I'd start to worry. Where's the finish? Look at where they start, and go the complete opposite.

    Jaime and Brienne _could_ be protagonists, but especially Brienne would be most likely to die before the end of the series.

  2. I am pretty sure he will die and probably die really, really horribly..

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