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5 Reasons You Should be Watching Orphan Black

Orphan Black

In my never-ending quest to watch all the television shows, I’ve once again delved into Orphan Black. I first discovered this show halfway through last season and binge watched all the episodes in just a few days. Now I’m behind on the current season and the binge watching will commence this weekend. Here are 5 reasons you should be watching, too. [No Spoilers]

1) Conspiracies Within Conspiracies
The first episode of the first season kicks off with a mystery. Sarah Manning comes face to face with, of all people, herself. Is this some long lost sister? Who is this woman? As the answer is revealed, you will quickly find out that things are more complicated than they appear. The good guy might be a bad guy and the bad guy might be good and, who’s on first? We’re in season three and the answers are clear as mud and the story is incredibly compelling. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, you realize you’re wrong. So many secret organizations. So many players.

Tatiana Maslany

2) Tatiana Maslany. Just. Wow.
This is the actress who plays Sarah Manning and a whole host of other not-quite Sarah Mannings. It is nothing short of mesmerizing to watch her become completely different women who all look the same. Her speech patterns, mannerisms, attitudes, and expressions all change so much, you’ll swear this is really an actress with a ridiculous number of identical twin sisters. Nope. It’s one incredibly talented actress.

3) The Ensemble Cast is Phenomenal
There’s something wonderful about seeing actors who played in some of your favorite shows come together as the cast of a whole new show. You get Matt Frewer (Max Headroom, Eureka), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Downton Abbey, Dexter) and Michelle Forbes (Battlestar Galactica, True Blood). You’ll also be completely taken with Jordan Gavaris who plays Sarah Manning’s foster brother/best friend, Felix Dawkins. He is sarcastic and quirky, and also the most loyal friend in the world.


4) No One is Ever Safe
Every show has some characters that are safe. They’re the ones you are convinced will never get killed off because they’re too darn important. Absolutely no one is safe on Orphan Black. Not only are the writers ready to gleefully kill people off, they do it when you least expect and with a wonderful dose of dark humor. Oops, someone just shot a guy’s head off completely by accident. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

5) The Science in This Science Fiction Matters
Good science fiction doesn’t ignore or fudge the science. It might be fake, but it takes on a sense of realism by connecting dots from the real world with dots from the fictional world. Orphan Black mixes the right amount of real world medicine in with the imaginary so that it’s easy to believe. It also makes you feel like maybe, just maybe, this might actually happen in the real world. And that is the best kind of science fiction out there.

If you enjoy stories with a double dose of conspiracy, fantastic actors, and plenty of dark humor, then you need to watch Orphan Black.


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