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Behold! My Daughter’s D&D Dragon Cake!

The Dragon Cake!

I’ve been talking about this cake for weeks, so here it is! This is the dragon cake that we had over the weekend to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. It was quite the extravaganza. Instead of being just one party, we had two separate days to celebrate. The first day was her epic all-night D&D sleepover and the second day was all about the cake.

I got a cake shaped like a BMW for my birthday last year and this is what got her started wanting a unique cake of her own. A year ago, she had no idea what she wanted for her cake. There was talk of Hello Kitty, and My Little Pony, but that was before she got sucked into the world of D&D.

She decided that instead of a traditional party, she wanted an all-night game with her sister and two cousins. We planned for the first Friday of our April school vacation. They ate pizza, stayed up too late, and had a wonderful time.

Loved that his tail curved over the edge

The cake, because I didn’t order it in time, was slated for two weeks later on another Friday night. I waited all day for her to finish school so we could go get her cake at Triolo’s Bakery. She all but ran to the car the second she saw me in the line.

She was excited, but I was nervous. What if she hated it? What if they got it wrong? What if she was horribly disappointed and scarred for life? Oh God, the pressure!

I was worried for nothing because the smile on her face when she saw her cake was priceless. She was so happy she couldn’t even talk. All she did was smile and nod when they asked if she like the cake.

His treasure? Two D6 of course!

She held her dragon cake in her lap, guarding it from every bump and turn on the way home and when it came time to cut into the cake, she asked me to save the dragon for just a little while. I carefully lifted him off and put him on a paper plate and then we all dug into the delicious cake.

The dragon, which is made out of modeling chocolate with rice paper wings, is still sitting on that plate. She put him on her dresser in her room and, yes, I’m letting her keep a chocolate dragon in her room for at least a little while.

Last night she checked on him, petting his head before she crawled into bed. I reminded her that she could only keep him for a few days and she understood. I asked her if she was sad and suddenly she got a gleam in her eye.

The rice paper wings moved in the breeze.

“No, I’m not sad, just don’t throw him away without me,” she said.

I nodded. “I wouldn’t do that, sweetie. You can be the one to throw him away. Okay?”

“It’s okay. I know we can’t keep him. I just want to chop off his head to kill him first!”

Oh yeah, this kid is going to be playing Dungeons & Dragons for life. 


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