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If You’re an RPG Player, You Need The ‘Adventure Case’

A gamer’s life is one giant struggle to organize all their stuff. Board game players deal with games pieces, miniature wargamers deal with models, and RPG players have dice and minis and pencils. GMs have the added challenge of hiding it all from players. Enter, the Adventure Case, which is the coolest thing I have ever seen for organizing your RPG supplies.

This is currently a fully-funded kickstarter so they are going to make the Adventure Case and this afternoon when the girls get home from school, I’m going to let them pick out the ones they like best. It’s the perfect gift for my older daughter managing her first D&D campaign and for my youngest and her all-night game sessions.

Right now, they have little velvet bags of dice, folders of papers with pencils shoved in one side, and they carry their minis carefully. It works, but it’s not pretty. During a game, my older daughter opens up manuals and her folder to create a screen to hide all her work from the players. Also not pretty.
The Adventure Case is a beautiful box designed just for GMs to hold all their stuff and it even doubles as a screen. There’s a felted section to hold dice where you can roll in secret, compartments for holding cards, and even little lights to illuminate the interior. This is amazing.

There are a lot of different pledge levels, each with an increasing level of detail and custom elements. You can select from a variety of woods, felt colors, and wood sculpts to adorn the front of the case. I’m thinking we’ll go for the dragon because dragons are cool.

A pledge of $75 gets you into the base model with the price going up as you add on more options. That’s not cheap, but this isn’t the kind of thing you use for a few games and then cast aside. It’s the kind of thing you use for many years and pass on down to your kids. I’m kind of hoping that’s exactly what happens to the Adventure Cases I’m going to get for my gamer girls.


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