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Sucked Right Back Into ‘The Walking Dead’

Ah, the good old days.

I was done. It was over. This season I swore off The Walking Dead after watching the first episode. The show had lost its zombie charm and it just wasn’t worth my time. The whole season aired and I didn’t pay any attention, until this weekend when I was sucked back in and watched it all.

The first episode of the season was flat and left me disinterested in seeing what would happen next. Another favorite character was dead. Life was bleak. Same old same old. This is what made me stop watching and I didn’t regret the decision for a second.

The story wasn’t going anywhere and there’s only so much of the bleak bleakness of a bleak life that you can watch before you need something to be interesting and keep your attention. The show had become as stale and lifeless as the walkers.

Who doesn’t love playing in the rain?

There wasn’t a lot of buzz this season about anything amazing happening that was not to be missed. Everyone seemed okay with it, but nowhere on the internet was there a Red Wedding moment that made me want to go back and watch.

The push to watch it again came from random people over the last few months. Friends and even friends of friends kept saying it was good. It was worth watching again. I should give it one more try. This weekend, I finally gave it one more try on a lazy Saturday and watched the whole season.


Did I love it? No, I did not love it the way I did when it was brand new. Did I hate it? No, I did not hate it the way I did when they were stuck on that darn farm for a whole season. It was somewhere in the middle and it was okay.

Run away from the farm! Run away!

I spent the whole time just waiting for the axe to fall and did it ever. Poor, Rick. That guy is just one messed up bunch of messed up but he is definitely the guy you want on your side when the zombie apocalypse finally arrives. I may have to revise my 5 Rules for the Zombie Apocalypse to include never getting on the bad side of the crazy law enforcement guy.

I’m once again watching The Walking Dead and I will be tuning in for the next season. If they kill Daryl, then I swear, I am out for good.


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