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What the Heck is Up With ‘Arrow?’

Arrow is confusing. I can’t figure out what the deal is from week to week and the season finale has left me, and probably everyone else, even more confused than usual. What the heck is going on with this show? Warning: Spoilers if you haven’t seen all of Season 3.

I enjoy watching Arrow, and even after a brief hiatus when it lost me, was drawn back into the story. The problem now is that I can’t figure out what the show wants to be anymore. It started out giving us an origin story. What happened to Oliver Queen to turn him from a stupid rich kid into a man bent on vengeance? I loved this storyline. I didn’t love the goofy hair they gave him to show he was pre-Arrow Oliver, but that was a minor complaint.

Then things became overly complicated, There are now plots within plots within plots and it’s hard to keep track of all the players. Also, I cannot stop seeing Brandon Routh as Superman which really messes me up when he puts on that Atom suit.

What I do love are the characters who have been there from the start. Arrow, Felicity and Diggle have never ceased to be interesting, even though they’ve nearly been swallowed whole by the growing number of superhero/vigilante/assassins that appear each week.

Ra’s al Ghul, and I had to look that up to spell it because I never could quite figure out what they were saying, became a weirdly obsessive villain this season. I’m still not sure I entirely understand how there’s this whole hidden League of Assassins in a giant palace that no one has ever noticed. I can believe in Arrow, but the assassins thing is a stretch.

The close of the season sees Mr. Unpronounceable dead and Felicity and Arrow riding off into the sunset. They actually did this, in a shiny silver Porsche, which makes it feel more like a series finale than a season finale.

The show will definitely be back next year, so I’m completely confused about where the heck things are going when it returns. The assassins look to still be a thing with Captain Jack Harkness taking control of all the guys in black. Yes, just like Superman/Atom, he will always be Capt. Jack even without the cool blue overcoat.

But, what’s with Oliver and Felicity? How does the titular character of a show stop being that character without the show going poof?

Actor Stephen Amell has said he won’t be putting the Arrow costume on again. What does that mean? You guys, I have never been so confused by a show in my life. This isn’t even a bad thing because it has me counting the days for Arrow‘s return.

I imagine a horrible end to the Felicity/Arrow relationship because keeping those two together would be odd, but who knows? I’d love to hear your theories about what will happen next season because I’m completely lost as to where it’s all going.


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