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Why ‘The Flash’ is Now My Favorite

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve fallen seriously behind on my favorite shows, including The Flash. I managed to catch up on Arrow and was completely confused by the finale so, given that the two are so entwined, I was nervous about The Flash. Turns out, the finale was one of the best episodes of the show all season. (No Spoilers)

The thing that makes a hero so appealing is the human part. Even when that hero isn’t human, he’s still at his best when his raw emotions come to the surface. It’s not that I want to see heroes constantly in the midst of heartbreak, but those are the moments when their duty and their plight resonate.

The season finale of The Flash hit that on so many levels that I actually had tears in my eyes several times. I cannot even remember the last time a television show actually made me cry. And this is why The Flash is now my favorite show.

There were moments during the season when I wasn’t so sure about the whole thing. It felt like it was becoming a little too much a villain of the week show. There wasn’t enough movement of the overall plot of who killed Barry’s mom and how he was going to exonerate his dad. That all changes in the finale, and it isn’t all through some grand confrontation, but through a series of very touching moments with Barry’s friends and family.

That’s something that this show has managed so much better than Arrow. Oliver Queen has family and they’re important to him, but they aren’t his mission. His mission is to save a city. Barry Allen’s mission is to save the city and save his family.

It makes him all the more understandable because most of us have family who we love dearly and would risk anything to keep safe. How would you choose between saving the world and saving your mom and dad? Barry Allen has to figure that out and the emotional struggle is painful and beautiful to watch.

Unlike Arrow which resolved key plot points and had our hero and his love riding off into the sunset, things on The Flash feel even less resolved. The central mystery was only partially explained and there are new mysteries that look just as intriguing for next season.

It was the characters and their love for each other that became the focus of the finale and it made my heart break for all of them. Next season, I’m keeping a box of tissues handy at all times.


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