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Why I Loved and Hated ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

The world is all atwitter about Avengers: Age of Ultron and opinions are very divided on this one. Where the first one received universal praise, there are many who didn’t like this installment. The disapproval comes from nerdy types who are often prone to being critical so I wasn’t concerned when I went to the movie on Friday night. I left the theater happy, but I had one minor quibble that was all but impossible to fix.

Superhero movies are not realistic. They can get dark and gritty like Batman or they can be light and silly like the classic Superman movies but they are never realistic. The minute you put a guy in a costume, true realism is out the window. We might like the idea of superheroes and we might love seeing them in movies and comic books and television shows, but they’re not real.

This means that you need to let your brain check out when you hit the theater. There’s no point trying to figure out how Tony Stark isn’t smashed to a pulp within his Iron Man suit or why Hulk’s pants magically grow to fit his gigantic waist. This is not reality and the minute you start asking those kinds of questions you ruin it all.

That’s why I tend to love superhero movies. I don’t get bogged down in the impossibilities of what I’m seeing on screen. I end up enjoying those impossibilities. They’re what you want in a superhero. If they stuck within the realm of reality, they wouldn’t be superheroes anymore. Who wants to see that movie?

Avengers: Age of Ultron fulfilled my impossible superhero expectations. The stunts were over the top. The one-liners are still being quoted by my whole family, and I’m sure that I’ll be hearing them spouted frequently the next time my daughter DM’s a game of D&D. We all enjoyed the movie.

Our party was four kids and four adults and everyone left the movie talking about how much they loved every minute. My Mom, who is in the 70+ crowd, wants to see it and asked if I’d mind going a second time. Mind? I’d love an excuse to go a second time.

I also hated the whole thing.

The first movie was, well, the first movie. It was our first chance to see everyone at the same time on the same mission to save the world. It brought them together so we all had that ‘Yes!’ moment when the team was a real team. That was amazing.

This time, they’re already a team. They already know each other and each other’s quirks. There’s no ‘Yes!” moment because that can only happen once. At the start of the movie, in the initial fight sequence, there is a fantastic comic book-ish instant where everyone is going at it at once. It was the moment everyone would have cheered the first time around. This time there were no cheers.

What I hated was that the excitement of seeing the team assemble (yup, I went there) is gone. They’re already assembled so now all that can happen is disassembling. That’s not nearly as fun.

This is no one’s fault and it’s an impossible obstacle, but I did hate the feeling that the coolest part, the best part, had already happened and there was no way to get that moment back. There’s only one first time that the Avengers assemble and although it’s great to see the team back together, it wasn’t as cool as the first time around.


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