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Why I Wasn’t First in Line for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Once upon a time, I was the person waiting in line at a movie theater to buy tickets to the midnight showing the second they went on sale. Yes, there was a time before you could do everything online and it required siting outside in a giant line full of fellow fans hoping that you’d get a ticket. The line for The Phantom Menace was gigantic and I happily waited with other lightsaber-wielding nerds. But I wasn’t early for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It’s important for you to know that I do have tickets for today at 4:45 PM with reserved seats at our favorite theater. It’s one where you get to pick your seats and they’re the kind the recline like the easy chair your dad had when you were a kid. Those seats are largely responsible for me falling asleep in so many movies, mostly those with Hobbits.

I am very excited for Avengers so I’m pretty sure I’ll stay awake through the whole thing, but I’m feeling guilty for not being one of the first in line to catch all the action. Instead of seeing it yesterday I’m seeing it today. Instead of doing one of those marathons where people watched all the films in a row, I’m just seeing it on its own.

Avengers: Assemble

A few years back, I ranked all the Avengers movies that had thus far been released because I was so very into all the films. I still am, but I’m seeing this one with the regular folk. No marathon. No midnight showing. Just a Friday afternoon.

There are a few difference between today and the days of The Phantom Menace. One is still working on the Dungeons and Dragons game she’ll be running tonight and one is playing a game called Dungeons 2 at the computer in the next room. That’s right, I blame my kids.

Blame isn’t really the right word though, because although I feel like a bit of a slacker nerd for not seeing the movie already, I’m also very happy about how I will see it today. No, there won’t be hardcore fans dressed in costume, nor will the crowd likely cheer and yell when the movie starts. Those things you really only get if you’re at the first showings and I will miss that sense of excitement.

My crazy family! Image: www.totalfangirl.con

Instead, I’ll have my husband, who took a day off, as well as my two girls. We’re being joined by my brother-in-law and his family and because we are such a large party, it’ll be grown-ups in one section and kids in another.

But when the movie is over and we stumble back out into the daylight, there will be plenty of excitement. The kids will be talking nonstop at that light-speed pace that only kids can manage. We’ll all share our favorite parts and ask questions about who did what when in the vast Marvel universe.

I might not be the first fan in the theater this time around, but to see it with my kids and share their excitement makes it worth the wait.


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