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A San Francisco Bar Straight Out of Interview with the Vampire

Burritt Room and Tavern

One of my favorite books, Interview with the Vampire, begins in San Francisco. The 1994 movie starts with the camera panning over the city from the ocean and swooping over the ferry building clock tower. I think of vampires every time I see that building and I saw it when I arrived in San Francisco yesterday. I had vampires on my mind.

Last night we went out for drinks and found a bar that looked like it could have been ripped right from the pages of Interview with the Vampire. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Lestat lurking in a corner.

It’s called Burritt Room and Tavern and it’s hidden upstairs in The Mystic Hotel. The hotel lobby is very stark and white and modern, but walk up the narrow stairs by the elevator and everything changes.

The tavern is dark and moody with leather stools at the worn bar and lots of velvet chairs tucked into the corners. There was a wonderful mix of music playing with everything from David Bowie to Roxy Music to the Rolling Stones. Chandeliers on the ceiling look straight out of a grand ballroom and the worn wood paneling makes you feel like you’re someplace that’s been around for years.

Burritt Room & Tavern

So, I found myself sitting in a bar with friends, drinking and talking in a place that had me wanting to pull out the books and give them another read. It was a wonderful place to spend a few hours and it was the perfect way to wind down after a long day of travel. Good company. Good drinks. Good food. It was perfect.

It was also the perfect place to do some people watching with an eclectic mix of clientele. There was a couple on an awkward first date just one table away and a group of women laughing at the next. A bunch of guys at the bar were having a grand old time telling jokes, but at the end of the bar was a couple that really got my attention.

A young woman sat next to a man with curly white hair. They were both dressed nicely and he wore a gorgeous sports coat over a crisp white shirt with French cuffs. Let there be no doubt that French cuffs are cool. My friends and I joked about an older guy with a much younger woman, but it turned out that he was younger than he looked when we went up to the bar for our drinks and ended up talking to the man.


It didn’t hit me until this morning that I was in a bar that was very Interview with the Vampire-ish, in San Francisco, with an elegant fair-haired man who was deceptively younger than he looked at first glance.

Guys, I totally had drinks with Lestat last night.


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