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Best Fiends Is My New Mobile Game Addiction


I love playing games on my iPhone. It’s the perfect way to pass the time when I’m stuck waiting for an appointment or the kids or a flight. Travel is a big part of my job so that last bit happens a lot and I’ve found a new favorite game to play when I’ve got time to kill. It’s called Best Fiends and it’s a free app you can download right now.

That’s not a typo. This little game isn’t about friends. It’s about fiends and they are the cutest little fiends you’ll ever meet. The whole thing takes place in a world called Minutia which is filled with fiends. They’re a happy lot, but the Slugs of Mount Boom pose a constant threat. It’s your job to help the fiends kill the slugs.

This is a puzzle game that has you collecting items like green leaves or yellow flowers to help destroy the evil slugs. The colors of the items you match coordinate with the colors of your fiends. The more you play, the more fiends you unlock and the more you can make them grow and evolve so that they become more powerful.


I started playing this game one Saturday morning and within minutes I had lost my phone to my kids. They then downloaded the game, too. Now we’re all playing and trying to beat each other. Those rainy summer days are coming and Best Fiends is a great way to keep you and your kids entertained.

Seriously Digital Entertainment, the company behind #BestFiends, is serious about helping you have fun and about doing good. They have teamed up with Malaria No More to help give kids life-saving tests and Malaria treatment by playing this game. When prompted just enter your email address and $1 will be given to Malaria No More.

Download the game for your Apple or Android device right now and you’ll see why I #LoveBestFiends!

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