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Jurassic World Trailer Recreated With Hot Dogs, Because Why Not? [Video]

No, I did not make a typo in that headline. What you are about to watch is the trailer for Jurassic World remade with hot dogs standing in for the humans. There’s also one guy who is a burrito, but otherwise it’s all hot dogs.

The video is the work of comedian Annie Lederman who clearly had a lot of fun with this one. Along with the human hot dogs there are a whole bunch of dinosaur chicken nuggets that have been embellished with angry, toothy dinosaur faces. Rawr. Scary chicken nuggets are scary.

T-rex, because he is the biggest and most badass dinosaur, gets a stand in far more fierce than a chicken nugget. His stand in is an adorable a ferocious dog. Something tells me not all of these hot dogs are going to make it out alive. I haven’t seen scary beast action this intense since Pacific Rim!

I’m not sure if I’m more excited to see Jurassic World when it opens on June 12th or not but I do know one thing. We’re having hot dogs and chicken nuggets for dinner tonight.


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