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My Girls Have Big RPG Plans For GenCon


We took our daughters to GenCon for the first time last year. It was a big deal for all of us. My husband and I were nervous that it would be too much or that they just wouldn’t like it and the kids were nervous that it wouldn’t be fun. All our worries were unfounded and this year, the girls have big, big plans for The Best Four Days in Gaming. Those plans involve lots of games and no sleep. They’ve totally got the hang of this whole con thing.

Last year, we didn’t plan much ahead of time. The girls had never been to a gaming convention like this before and we didn’t want to overbook. We took it easy and we all had a wonderful time. This year, they know what they’re in for and, if they have their way, there will be nonstop gaming involving lots of RPGs.

They have both been playing RPGs for awhile, but it was only late last year that they really got into Dungeons & Dragons. There are several D&D campaigns which they play in and even two that they run on their own. The die has been cast and there is no turning back.


Since they stuck with board games at last year’s GenCon, they initially had it in their heads that it would be the same this year. They love board games, too, so that wasn’t a problem, but when I mentioned playing RPGs their eyes lit right up.

To be fair, the youngest is a little nervous. She’s never played with people she doesn’t know and she’s worried that they won’t want her to be a part of the game. What if she does something wrong and a grown-up laughs? They’re at the age where that is a fate worse than death.

Adventure Case

Adventure Case

I assured her that the games we were thinking of playing are with our friends. Many of these friends have kids, too, and they were thrilled at the idea of helping the next generation carry on their love of games.

Currently planning on being Rocket Raccoon in a Guardians of the Galaxy themed game that one friend is running. She’s already making plans. There aren’t even any rules or guidelines yet, but she’s working out the details. This kid is nuts for RPGs.

There will be plenty of board game action, too, but this year there is going to be some serious RPG time. They’re still young enough that we get to make the call about when they go to bed, but I have a funny feeling that won’t last long. In a few more years, I’ll be passed out in the room and the girls will be playing right through the night.


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  1. Michael says:

    That is awesome that your kids enjoy RPGs so much. My daughters went to Gen Con last year for the first time and were nervous as well. It took a few games for them to get comfortable. Also the other players at the table were very nice and supportive. Hope your kids have a great time this year.

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