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REVIEW: Heebie Jeebies Board Game Brings the Laughs

Heebie Jeebies

The sound of nails on a chalkboard. Wedgies. Mimes. These are all things that no one likes and they’ve been turned into a fun party game called Heebie Jeebies. The idea is to try and guess what things freak out your friends the most. The game will have everyone laughing, and cringing, as each new card is flipped.

The game includes.

  • 250 Heebie Jeebies cards
  • 10 Blank Heebie Jeebies cars for you to customize
  • 40 Voting cards (10 sets of 4)
  • 1 Small game board
  • 100 Point tokens

It’s a quick and easy game that takes about a half hour to play and is playable by anyone within minutes of breaking open the box. We play lots of board games and my girls even run their own RPGs, so when this arrived we were eager to break open the box. Here’s how the gameplay works.

Each player takes a turn drawing four cards from the Heebie Jeebies deck. That player reads each of the cards aloud and then places it in one of the four numbered spots on the game board. The rest of the players then have to guess which of the icky, creepy, skin-crawling cards is the one the player finds the most awful.

Choices include thing like lying on a dirty carpet, double dipping, and an ant crawling in you ear. Everyone’s reactions as the cards are read will have you and your friends in hysterics. I honestly was laughing so hard at one point that my eyes were watering.

Heebie Jebbies cards

The better you know the people playing, the more fun the game is because you’re so sure you know them, and then they go and pick a different card. The explanations for why they pick what they pick are often funnier than the actual cards.

We played this on Sunday afternoon with our 11 1/2 and 13-year-old daughters and they loved the game. Most of the cars are easy for even younger players to understand. We had to explain a few to our girls and watching the horror on their faces as comprehension dawned was hilarious.

Although its fun to play with people you know because you think you can guess their answers, even playing with people you don’t know at a party would be a blast. It’s not so much about guessing correctly, but about the fun of watching everyone cringe and get completely freaked out by the things that give them the heebie jeebies.

Heebie Jeebies was originally a kickstarter by Zipwhaa Games but is now available for $34.95 through amazon or your local game store.

I received this game for review purposes.


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