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The Game of Thrones Season Finale Did Not Impress

Jon Snow

Last night I finally had the chance to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. I even stayed up late and am a little bleary-eyed because I desperately wanted to watch before every last detail was revealed online. Now I sit here with my cup of caffeine and I’m sad that I stayed up so late. The finale was, meh. [Spoilers]

The internet pretty much exploded right after the episode aired and there was talk of someone big dying, no surprise there, so people were freaking out. I still don’t get that because no matter who dies and no matter how horribly, it’s the way things are in Westeros. I’m sad to see some characters die and it may be gruesome, but I’m never shocked when another one bites the dust. If that character is someday Tyrion Lannister, then I will lose my mind, but for now I’m good.

Sansa Stark

This time it was Jon Snow, which I suspected was the case. He seemed like he’d pushed everyone’s buttons a little too much making the chances of a coup high. They all stabbed him and left him to bleed out on the snow, lifeless eyes staring up into the night sky. Dramatic stuff, but I was not even remotely sad. I liked Jon Snow, but I saw this one coming a mile away.

I wasn’t surprised when Arya went all crazy assassin girl. I wasn’t surprised when Sansa Stark finally got her light to the tower after her horrible mistreatment by Ramsay Bolton only to have Brienne of Tarth choose that moment to abandon her vigil. I wasn’t surprised by anything in the finale. That’s why I’m disappointed.


I wish they’d made Hardhome the last episode of this season. There was an episode that had me sitting there, wide awake at nearly midnight, and not being at all disappointed the next sleepy morning. Hardhome was excellent from start to finish and it left me staring at the credits, jaw dropped, trying to figure it all out. That would have been a heck of a way to end the season.

But killing Jon Snow? Eh, like we didn’t all know that was going to happen even if we didn’t read the books. If Hardhome hadn’t happened, then I might have been more excited, more satisfied by the final episode of Game of Thrones. Following on the heels of Hardhome, though, the finale felt a bit like a dud firecracker that looked like the best one in the box, but was nothing more than a lousy sparkler.


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