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Why You Should Be Watching Defiance

Defiance 1

I’ve always loved sci-fi whether it’s books or television or movies. There’s something about the existence of aliens and worlds that we’ve never even seen that I find intriguing. Especially on television, good science fiction is hard to come by which makes Defiance a rare gem.

The show takes place on an Earth that is barely recognizable. Civilization as we know it is completely gone and even the planet itself has been changed into something new and dangerous due to terraforming by aliens who now share the planet.

The city of Defiance exists on the ruins of St. Louis, but other than that famous arch, the city is gone, replaced with something more like a refugee came that is home to humans and assorted alien races. It’s the interaction between all these alien races and the humans that makes the show intriguing.


Good science fiction isn’t only about aliens and spaceships. Good science fiction is about relationships and possibilities and the interaction between cultures that have no common ground. It only works when each of those cultures is fully realized and unique and Defiance has done this beautifully.

It reminds me a lot of Babylon 5, not in the setting, but in how each race is a whole culture. They look and talk differently, but more importantly the live differently than humans. If you think about how difficult it is for people on Earth to understand each other when we come from the same planet, multiply that tenfold when it comes to alien cultures understanding each other.

Since Earth has been all but ruined and civilization is completely shattered, these human and alien cultures which have nothing in common and no understanding of each other must find a way to survive together. Each side is only willing to reveal enough to get through the current crisis. It’s a wild west game of survival where no one wants to reveal their hand.

Defiance 3

Season 3 is set to begin on June 3rd and, yes, you definitely want to watch the first two seasons before starting the current season. There are stories that are finished in a single episode, but the story arcs that flow through each season and into one another are best understood by watching every episode.

If you haven’t seen Defiance and are a fan of science fiction, then you should be adding it to your queue for some binge watching over the weekend. Between this and Orphan Black, you should have plenty to keep busy.


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