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Doctor Who: Time Traveller’s Journal is Your Personal Wibbly-Wobbly Adventure

Doctor Who Time Traveller's Journal

Imagine, for just a moment, that you’re the Doctor’s latest companion. You are about to embark on a life fraught with peril and adventure and aliens and bow ties. It will be amazing and you don’t want to forget a minute, so you need a journal. The Doctor Who: Time Traveller’s Journal lets you imagine you’re on that adventure as you invent your own timey-wimey journey.

This isn’t the kind of book you read. It’s the kind of book you create in the true spirit of keeping a journal. There is more empty space than words and pictures with what’s there encouraging you to invent your own adventure. There’s one page that reads simply, “Draw a big ball of wibble-wobbly timey-wimey stuff,” with just a huge empty space. You fill it with whatever you imagine.

As huge Doctor Who fan, it’s a little bit like being handed the key to the TARDIS. Suddenly you get to decide what happens and anything that your crazy, warped, weird, wacky imagination can dream up is totally fair game. You’ll have a chance to draw the monster behind the couch and recreate the Twelfth Doctor’s face around his angry eyebrows. Really, they are the most intense and angry eyebrows known to man or Time Lord.

FullSizeRender (1)

There are also projects which you can attempt, but no real instructions. You’re making it up as you go. When they ask you to make a Sontaran out of a potato and put a photo in the journal, it’s all your design. Let your most creative Whovian self have some fun.

Even better, let your kids join in and have some fun, too. There’s nothing kids like more than using their imaginations and if they’re Whovians, then they’ll love this journal. My girls are 11 and 13 and they both came up with their own pictures and dreams and lists to fill their journals. They even compared their creations and had wonderful geek fights about which was best.

We’ve had a beautiful, warm summer full of outdoor adventures but now we’re looking at five days of rain in our forecast. We will be breaking these journals out again and having some fun. I’m particularly looking forward to creating K-9 out of only aluminum foil. Yes, that’s in the book.

If you want to have some creative fun exploring the world of Doctor Who and inventing it as you go, pick up a copy of Doctor Who: Time Traveller’s Journal.

Note: Don’t any of you go yelling about traveller’s being spelled wrong. This book is a UK publication so that extra “L” is correct across the pond.


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