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Totoro Meeples Have Convinced Me to Finally Watch My Neighbor Totoro


Totoro is hugely popular. He’s on shirts and mugs and people even cosplay the character at conventions. I know exactly who he is, but I have never watched My Neighbor Totoro. It all stems from not being a fan of anime, but dang is Totoro cute. I came across a bag of Totoro meeples at GenCon – no idea what game you’d use them for – and they were so cute, they may have convinced me to watch the movie.

It’s been a busy summer, so I haven’t had a lot of time to watch movies. I haven’t been to the theater in weeks and there are movies I just know are going to be relegated to viewing at home instead of on the big screen with overpriced popcorn and a vat of of Diet Coke. Catching up on anything old? Forget about it.

Totoro Meeples

But these darned meeples were so stinking cute. I wanted to buy them, but what the heck reason could I come up with to buy meeples for a character who appears in a movie that I have never even seen? My kids helpfully pointed this out to me as I was showing off the cuteness of Totoro. You can’t argue with sound kid logic because that kind of stuff always comes back to haunt you when the tables are turned.

I put down the meeples and walked slowly away.

Summer is winding down, the kids are about to start school, and I find I have a little free time on my hands. My plan tonight? Watch My Neighbor Totoro and finally understand all the fuss. I’m sure it’ll be cute and I’m sure I will love the movie.

More importantly, I’ll finally have a reason to buy those Totoro meeples I saw at GenCon. I plan to line them up across the top of my desk to keep me company while I work. Unless someone knows the game these are intended for because that would work, too.


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