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How Not to Go Crazy Traveling With Kids

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Our family loves to travel and my husband and I have been taking the kids on trips since they were infants. We were those crazy people that showed up at Walt Disney World with a 5-month-old even though everyone said she wouldn’t remember a thing so, why bother? People also told us it would be horrible traveling with an infant, but it was a lot of fun. We’ve traveled with our girls at every age since and have managed to stay sane. Here’s how.

Expect the Unexpected

Kids don’t care how carefully you plan things or how precisely you have timed your day. They will get cranky, tired, angry, and sick whenever they darn well please, schedules be darned. The quickest way to ruin your trip is to panic when things don’t go as planned. Take a deep breath and chill. Learn to change your plans on the fly and you’ll be a much happier traveler.

Kids Love the Little Things

That time we took my 5-month-old to Disney we saw things we never noticed on past trips. Her eyes got huge when she saw performers in costumes so we stopped to see them all, just to enjoy the look on her face. It made the trip more fun for her and for us. Small things leave big impressions.

Slow Down

No, really, slow way down from whatever pace you normally set when you vacation. Kids are easily overwhelmed. Let them stop and see things. As a toddler, my oldest loved ducks so we spent a good hour feeding ducks near the castle in the Magic Kingdom. She remembers those ducks. The parade went buy and she didn’t care so we ignored the spectacle. At that moment, it was all about the ducks. It was a little thing that we took time to enjoy and it’s now a treasured memory.

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Ask For Help When You Need It

Do not kill yourself trying to be a superhero. We are all human and we all need help. Especially if you or your child gets sick, ask for help. Being sick on a trip is never easy. Use the staff at your hotel as a resource and consider taking advantage of online services like American Well. This online service provides access to doctors online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right from the comfort of your hotel room.

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