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Make Volunteering Easy With VolunteerSpot


The leaves are beginning to change and the kids are back in school, which means it’s volunteer time. It’s difficult to keep track of it all whether you’re organizing an event or volunteering to participate. The whole process can be daunting, but VolunteerSpot makes it easier for everyone.

I first became aware of VolunteerSpot when my daughter started junior high. Previously, anytime there was a need for help my mailbox would fill up with emails. Often on the organizing side of things, the number of responses and giant email threads were difficult to follow.

It was also difficult to sign-up for things with who was bringing what when becoming ridiculously confusing. The bigger the event, the greater the chaos. VolunteerSpot manages that chaos so it’s easier to volunteer and easier to organize.

All you have to do is register for this free service and you’re ready to start taking control of your volunteer responsibilities. You can easily create events for your school, club, neighborhood, sports team, or whatever. List the types of things you need like cupcakes or cookies or even help at specific times during an event. Those needs are emailed to whoever you choose and then volunteers pick what they like from the list.

There are no worries about duplicates or missed emails. The system keeps track of what’s needed so you get exactly the help you want for any event. It also makes things easier for volunteers who no longer have to wade through multiple emails as people sign-up for things. VolunteerSpot shows them what is available at a glance.

The school year has only just begun and with Fall underway, you know all those Halloween parties are coming. Check out VolunteerSpot now and make the whole volunteer process easier for everyone! #SignUpSpot

This post sponsored by VolunteerSpot.


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