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Luma Dice: LED Dice to Light Up Your Next Game Night

Luma Dice

Dice hold a very special place in the heart of every gamer. They’re carefully selected tools of the trade and one can never have too many. Colors matter. Materials matter. How much a particular set hates you matters. Luma Dice has come up with very cool LED illuminated dice that you know you want for your next game.

Each side lights up with different colored lights, but that’s only part of what makes them special. They’re also carved from a solid block of aluminum and use an accelerometer to detect motion so they only turn on when being used. It all runs on batteries that can easily be replaced.

They’ve done so well on their kickstarter that they’ve reached several stretch goals giving us different colors to pick from, programmable lights, and even a D20. A pair will set you back $29 and there are packs available with larger quantities in case you want a whole handful of glowing dice to throw during your next game.

Luma Dice are also balanced so don’t worry about your dice being illegal. If you’re rolling nothing but 1s on your next games day, then it’s your own bad luck, too. Don’t blame the dice.

This is a fully funded kickstarter and there’s not much time left to back the campaign. Backers will have their shiny, glowing Luma Dice this March.


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