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The The X-Files Season 10 Review, Let it Simmer, It’s Fantastic

Mulder and Scully FBI

The X-Files finished up its six-episode Season 10 last Sunday night. It’s taken me since then to figure out if I’m angry or happy or confused by it all. Turns out, it’s a little of each. If you haven’t watched the full season, then read no further because there are spoilers for the whole season ahead.

I was skeptical about The X-Files coming back despite loving it when it originally aired. So often, when they reboot a show they change the things that made it so beloved in the first place. Other times, they leave it too much the same and it falls flat. You have to make some changes to appeal to a modern audience, even one that watched the originals when they aired and not as special edition box sets purchased years later. It’s tricky business.

X-Files Scully

The first episode was good. It wasn’t great, but it was good to have Mulder and Scully back and have their world come to life again in my living room. It felt like The X-Files and there were no radical departures from the original series. I still harbor a bit of ill will toward Battlestar Galactica for how they made the Cylons look human.

The X-Files didn’t pull any fancy stunts. It was new, but familiar and thoroughly enjoyable. Although that first episode was heavy on the show’s original mythology, they pulled back from that for the next four episodes and gave us straight-up classic X-Files. It was time for the monster of the week from genetically enhanced kids to lizardmen. It was weird and fun.

Mulder and Scully

That continued until the final episode when it all came back to the beginning of the season, or really the beginning of the series. Are aliens real? Are they experimenting on us? Is this the work of nefarious members of our government. Yes, sort of, and not quite. It’s finally stated without a doubt that the aliens are real and that their DNA is mixed with ours. This is concerning, with Scully in particular wondering what the heck they did to her. She has no idea they saved her life.

The alien DNA, which you’d assume is a bad thing, is actually protection for the select few. The Smoking Man reveals it was all a plot by a group of nefarious businessmen, not the government, and that the population of the planet is about to be culled something fierce. Those without the alien DNA have compromised immune systems thanks to tampering with vaccines and are all about to die. It looks very The Walking Dead as everyone turns pale and starts bleeding from their eyeballs.

Mulder Sick

The final episode sees humans sick and dying in a matter of hours, including Mulder. Scully has a cure and ends up running through the streets to reach Mulder as he sits half-dead in the belief that all hope is lost. Her arrival proves he’s right, since he’s too far gone and needs stem cells. What now?

Time to bring back the aliens as a ship hovers directly over the car and casts a giant green beam of light down at the dying Mulder, desperate Scully, and baffled Agent Miller. Who’s he? Oh, just the modern day version of Mulder out to find the truth. That truth is hovering overhead and – cut to credits.

Hear the collective gasp of legions of X-Files fans as they all say, “What the…”

Mulder and Scully Talking

I’ve had time to mull it over. I’m not happy they left it with such a cliffhanger, although it does leave things open for more episodes, but it was so very X-Files. The world is dying and only Scully can save us. The aliens are real. The Smoking Man is part of the plot. It’s pefect when you think about it for a minute.

The X-Files always answered one question and raised two more. That’s exactly what this season did, too. It’s not satisfying and it’s incredibly frustrating, but it’s also completely true to the original seasons.

That said, I really want to know what the heck is going on and am crossing my fingers for one more season.


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