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King Richard’s Faire – Fun and Games for the Whole Family

King Richard's Faire, Image Nicole Wakelin

Summer is behind us and fall is coming with shorter days, pumpkin spice everything, and ye olde faire. Every year we head down to Carver, Massachusetts with the girls for King Richard’s Faire. It’s a day of games, entertainment, and plenty of family fun. It’s been a tradition since before we had the kids, but it’s an even better experience having them along for the adventure.

The first time we took the girls they were only in grade school and they were dressed like Disney princesses. Now, they’re a bit older and their cosplay looks more grown-up each year. My younger daughter cosplays as a hunter with a hooded capelet, leather bracers, and fox tails hanging from her belt. The high-schooler goes for a more princess-inspired outfit with a long blue skirt, matching corset, and fancy bustle to round out her look.

The Family at King Richard's Faire, Image Nicole Wakelin

We made the trek on Sunday of Labor Day weekend, which we’ve always found to be a good choice. It’s not too crazy and the weather this year was simply beautiful, despite the threat of hurricane Hermine.

Our favorite part of the fair is always seeing what catastrophe King Richard and his court are trying to manage. It’s a bit like watching a three-act play that starts when the faire opens with the King and his court setting the stage at the faire entrance.

The two remaining acts are always musical with the cast singing popular songs set to new lyrics that help tell the story. There is singing and dancing and buffoonery and all the silliness you’d expect at a renaissance faire. Since the story changes every year, it’s always new, although many of the same characters and even the same actors return year after year.

We also love catching a little bit of the tournament out on the main field. It’s fun to watch the knights put on a show complete with jousting and swordplay as the crowds cheers from the sidelines.

Knights, King Ricahrd's Faire, Image Nicole Wakelin

King Richard’s Faire is also a great opportunity for cosplayers to pick up a few new pieces. My girls pick something new every year to build onto their existing costumes. This year the purchases included a fox tail and a new corset. I finally got into the act myself with a snazzy green bodice that my girls insist should get a matching skirt next year.

The faire is celebrating its 35th year in Carver and it continues to draw big crowds. It’s a family friendly environment with entertainment and games to keep everyone happy whether they’re toddlers or adults. The only problem is it’s around for just a limited time.

Royal Parade, King Richard's Faire, Image Nicole Wakelin

King Richard’s Faire runs weekends from September 3 through October 23 and both Labor Day and Columbus Day. Gates open at 10:30 am and you really don’t want to be late or you’ll miss the opening performance. The whole thing winds down by 6:00 pm. You can purchase tickets online to avoid lines at the gate.

King Richard’s Faire provided complimentary tickets for my family.


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