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Follow My #RogueTrip Adventure for Charity

Nissan invited 21 people to take a unique road trip behind the wheel of a Nissan Rogue. Instead of simply coming up with a scenic route from one place to another, they made the #RogueTrip a challenge. Up for grabs is a $5,000 donation to the charity of our choice. We start in Atlanta, finish up at the New York Auto Show, and will be competing in 12 scavenger hunts along the way. Expect plenty of shenanigans and fun.

Me and my driver partner, Eileen Falkenberg-Hull, are one of ten teams making the trek, each hoping to win it all and help out their charity. We chose the Officer Down Memorial Page, which supports the families of fallen officers and works to support the efforts of police officers to keep us all safe.

The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc., (ODMP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring America’s fallen law enforcement heroes. More than 20,000 officers have made the ultimate sacrifice in the United States and it is with great honor that the ODMP pays a lasting tribute to each of these officers by preserving their memories within its pages. All who visit the ODMP will be deeply moved by the countless stories of selfless courage and heroism exhibited by officers who lost their lives while serving and protecting the citizens of this great nation.

Each team gets a Nissan Rogue for the trip, which is why it’s a #RogueTrip. Get it? Those marketing types over at Nissan are so very clever. Since we’re driving in support of the police, we managed to get a blue Rogue and are officially Team Blue Line. Our hashtag on twitter is #NR8 so you can follow along April 9-11 as we drive to the Big Apple. They even tricked out our car with fancy graphics so you can’t miss us on the road.

We’ll be sharing our adventures online and would love your support. Take a minute to check out the Officer Down Memorial Page, share it, and share our adventure to raise awareness for this great organization. Here’s where you’ll be able to find us online during the drive.

How to Follow Along



Nissan also installed a GPS tracker on each vehicle, not because they don’t trust us, but so you can see exactly where all the teams are during the trip. I’m not sure I believe their story. Look, Nissan, we haven’t stolen one of your cars yet and have no plans of going all Thelma and Louise. We promise you’ll get your Rogue back in New York. (Insert maniacal laugh here.)

Although we really want to win and fully intend to kick the butts of every other team out there (or at least have fun trying), a great charity is going to receive a nice donation no matter which team claims the title. Here are all the teams taking part in the Nissan #RogueTrip.

The Teams

#NR1 TEAM: His Turn-Her Turn
Charity: Allen Lynch Foundation
Lauren Fix, The Car Coach
Paul Brian, His Turn, Her Turn

#NR2 TEAM: #ChicagonistaLIVE
MJ Tam, TV host and blogger
Beth Rosen, TV host and blogger
Nancy Loo Jenkins, TV host and blogger

#NR3 TEAM: Auto Guide
Charity: Forgotten Harvest Detroit
Craig Cole, Auto Guide
Ben Sanders, Auto Guide

#NR4 TEAM: Motor 1
Charity: 826Michigan
Lucy Xiong, Motor 1
James Bradbury, Motor 1

#NR5 TEAM: Ream Togue
Charity: Earthjustice
James Riswick, Auto Trader
Edmunds, TBD

#NR6 TEAM: Rogue Warriors
Charity: National Breast Cancer Coalition
Kristin Barclay, InDeepH2O
Jasmine Risso, Simply Real Moms

#NR7 TEAM: Truck Trend
Charity: Wiseburn Unified School District
Stephanie Wilcox, Truck Trend
Brett Evans, Truck Trend

#NR8 TEAM: Blue Line
Charity: Officer Down Memorial Page
Nicole Wakelin, Freelance – Boston Globe
Eileen Hull, Business Journals

#NR9 TEAM: ATL Social
Charity: True Colors Theatre
Ronda Penrice, Huffington Post/blogger
Satchel Jester, Upscale Magazine

#NR10 TEAM: SaabKyle04
Charity: St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
Chris Tolley, SaabKyle04
Kyle Lindsay, SaabKyle04

Are You Ready for a #RogueTrip?

We need your support, and possibly coffee donations, because who knows how this is all going to work out and how late we’ll be driving. I mean, we’re good with directions and I’m figuring our Rogue comes with navigation, but anything can happen. That’s half the fun of taking a road trip in the first place.

Follow along, share our adventure, and wish us luck on our Nissan #RogueTrip!


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