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Twitter: Remember When it Was Simply Fun?

Remember when Twitter was new? I mean really new and most people looked at you and cocked their head kind of funny like you were a nut when you asked, “Are you on Twitter?” Yeah, that was a long time ago and twitter is a whole different ballgame now. Except, one of my friends started a new twitter account to be like old twitter and it’s fantastic.

I’m not calling her out and putting her handle in here because I’m thinking she wants to be a little under the radar. This is just a twitter account for kicks and giggles. No promotional anything. No important anything. No highfalutin’ lofty goals. Just, talking. With friends. About stupid stuff.

She started this account and I’ve now had more conversations with her in the last two days than we’ve had in the last year. Because it’s just talking. Just having fun. Like we’re sitting in the living room killing time and happily annoying each other. It’s exactly what twitter used to be before it became a social media platform to be taken oh so seriously.

I miss those days.

Now, if you really have used twitter since it was but a wee unknown thing, you’ll also remember it wasn’t the smoothest of platforms. It had issues. It wasn’t as slick as it is today. It could annoy the ever-loving daylights out of you. I still miss it.

Or really, I should say I miss the days when it was just about shooting the breeze with friends about whatever the heck was on your mind. Your lunch (hey, the world needs to know), your cranky kid, your annoying neighbor (not that I have any), the snarky barista (really they make coffee and they have a title that makes them sound like rocket scientists). It was fun and light and, did I mention fun?

That’s what I miss about twitter.

And possibly, the change in my view is a lot by my own design. I use twitter for work constantly. I changed how I used it and it’s been a benefit to me professionally, but at the loss of some of the personal. I miss the personal. I miss the folks I used to talk to about nothing, like an episode of Seinfeld in 140 character snippets.

I debated opening a new twitter account, just like my friend, and making that my fun account. Then I decided no, I’m going to re-morph my old account. It was nearly all fun stuff at the start. Now it’s nearly all work stuff. I’m going to flip it back one tweet at a time.

If you follow me on twitter, help me out. Send me a tweet that has nothing to do with anything. Tell me what you had for lunch, what ticked you off on the way to work, what made you smile. Talk like people used to talk when there was nothing to promote or sell or show off.

Talk like we’re friends, because who doesn’t need a few more friends to get through their day?


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