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“Star Trek: Discovery” Trailer – Does it Deliver?

It’s time for another dose of Star Trek with a new series debuting on CBS this fall. Star Trek: Discovery takes us to a time before Captain James T. Kirk and promises to give all us Trekkies a chance to tune in and boldly go with a whole new crew. I’m cautiously optimistic.

I suppose that’s another way of saying I’m doubtful, but I do love this trailer. It looks beautiful with sweeping planetscapes, starships, and oodles of aliens. It captures the look of the franchise as it currently stands and that’s a good thing. Heck, there’s even a healthy dose of lens flare because you can’t have Star Trek without lens flare. Thanks J.J. Abrams.

The show hasn’t even started and it already has a rough history. It was delayed and then Bryan Fuller dropped out as showrunner, but on the plus side the network upped its order from 13 to 15 episodes. What we get for now is roughly two and a half minutes to whet our appetites.

The look of the show immediately drew me in with its very current-Trek vibe. It could fall right in line with today’s movies thanks to a darker, grittier look. This isn’t a cutesy Trek and there’s not a short skirt in sight.

There is plenty of conflict from both the crew and assorted angry aliens. Much of that conflict comes from Discovery’s half-Vulcan first officer, played by Sonequa Martin-Green. Zombie fans will recognize her from The Walking Dead, but here she’s all cleaned up and trying to find her place in the galaxy.

Then there are the Klingons. It seems that, in addition to lens flares, you can’t have a new Star Trek series without messing around with how the Klingons look. They make me think of Pinhead. I know, they don’t have pins in them, but that’s the first thing I thought and now the image won’t shake. Maybe it’s one too many pointy bits on their armor.

The only part I truly, madly, deeply detested was the alien who can sense the coming of death. He senses death in what appears to be the middle of a battle. Oh, come on. This is as bad as Deanna Troi saying she sense tension when they’re nose to nose with the enemy. Please, please, please let this not be some goofy reinvented version of that idea.

Still, I am officially excited for the debut of this series. What do you think? Are you looking forward to Star Trek: Discovery or have you already written it off as a miss?


One Response to ““Star Trek: Discovery” Trailer – Does it Deliver?”

  1. Robert Oswald says:

    I am disappointed in the trailer for Discovery. It supposed to take place 10 years prior to the 5 year mission of Captain Kirk. This trailer breaks a lot of canon established in the classic (my favorite) series. The ship design interiors don’t look like the classic. Even DS9 acknowledged the classic look with the time travel tribble episode. In that time frame, starship captaincy was closed to women. (episode 79) Vulcans in the captain’s seat are extremely rare according to Spock “The Enterprise Incident”. The uniforms are all wrong too. Each starship had its own unique insignia on the tunic. See “The Doomsday Machine”and “Omega Glory”. The delta was for Enterprise crew. The uniforms also to seem to have lost the color coding for department/division. It seems like a re-imagined version of Trek. Also, can we get back to thought provoking science fiction and social commentary please? Enough with destructive, fast paced action. I can get that in Star Wars, Fast and Furious and countless super hero films. Star Trek is supposed to be intelligent “brains over brawn” problem solving. Sorry, but I want my Star Trek TMP. I know, I’m the only one who likes it but that’s the kind of stories I want. I know we live in an attention deficit, instant gratification culture where “Bigger, better, faster, stronger, I want it all, I want it now and I don’t wan to pay for it!” is the order of the day, but this is Star Trek. Now git off my lawn! 😉

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