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VIDEO: A Hot Wheels Race Tribute to the ’80s

Who didn’t love Hot Wheels when they were a kid? If you didn’t, then go away because there is clearly something wrong with you. This video shows the Hot Wheels course we all wished we could build, but never had the skills to pull off. Also, Moms never let you play with fire, which makes this whole thing instantly impossible for kids.

The course itself is impressive with loops and jumps along with stretches that go under water, in and out of doors and windows, and through basketball hoops. There’s even a camera on top of a car so you get a GoPro-style view of the action.

Having a cool track wasn’t enough, so they also added in Hot Wheels from your favorite ’80s shows and movies. There’s The A-Team van, KITT from Knight Rider, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, the Back to the Future DeLorean, and The Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo.

Your childhood memories duke it on a this house-spanning Hot Wheels track complete with appropriate soundtracks. The track is fantastic. The cars are wonderful. The music makes it absolute perfection.

The cars really do race, jockeying for position and pulling off stunts that would never work if you tried them on your own. This keeps it true to your failed childhood track builds and the stuff KITT and the A-team used to do each week. Ready to cheer on your favorite car? Check out the video:

That is truly all my childhood Hot Wheels dreams come true. Halfway through I wondered how they pulled off this feat of track-building prowess, and you’re probably curious, too. It’s part creativity and part engineering wizardry. Here’s the making of video that shows how they put together this incredible run.


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